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Care and Management Application for Pet Parents

  • Post published:January 19, 2016


Team span: November 2014 to December 2015
Duration: 1 year and 1 month
Technology: ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server, Microsoft Azure
Development Manager: Haseeb Ahmed
Engineer: Talal Asghar
Reason for closure: Successful Project Completion

vteam #502 was formed to work on an intuitive idea of  developing education, care and management application for pet owners from scratch. For this, a web based application had to be built using ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server and Microsoft Azure. It was based on improving the life of dogs (pets) by helping their owners to become better pet parents. Reason being that a lot of time, effort and energy is required to ensure that pet dogs are getting the best care they deserve.

Required Modules

The application was needed in some way to get organize, manage appointments, keep track of medications and health records, find service providers and share information. Along with a full-fledged website, following modules were required for making the application right from the inception:

Buddy Passport Module:

This was a very unique and specific module. It could store, organize and share all your dog’s important information. It would give users a safer access to a world of pet services and activities. It had everything needed and this particular module distinct client’s application from other pet providers.

Activities & Rescue Module:

Activities and Rescue module required brainstorming sessions, so all the stake holders including vteams engineer were involved in finalizing its design. This module was developed using ASP.NET MVC.

Marketing & UI/UX Services

The application was launched on completion. In the middle of project’s phase 2 development, client was frustrated because users were not being attracted to his website. He required a solution for it too.

Provided Marketing Consultancy:

vteams marketing team then provided a free analysis to client that helped him revamping his web based application in a better way to attract visitors/users. After the suggested changes, there was a vital difference.

Developed Landing Pages:

vteams UI/UX team then provided Themes for landing pages to client. These themes were developed using Bootstrap and HTML 5.


After landing pages development, everything was set for client so that he could start his marketing campaign. This application now had enormous features which no other pet suppliers are providing. Successful project completion led to the closure of vteam #502 while website maintenance is still under vteams hourly services division.