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Why to Opt Taiga for Marketing Department?

  • Post published:April 24, 2020

A little background before opting Taiga for Marketing Automation:

About a month ago; I got an opportunity to revamp the Nextwerk marketing department and its strategies. I and Mark always see the problems with a tech mindset and try to come up with Engineering Solutions. Our normal way of doing things is very simple:

Explore → Innovate → Repeat

We always explore something existing or opensource, innovate the solution according to our problem, and then we repeat the process as the demand grows based on realtime feedback. Just because of the habit for taking everything as an engineering problem, we ended up producing lots of products like a robotic for roti making as replacement of clay oven, our front desk system which works more like a personal assistant when our employees step in the office, our own snowblower or a few bots who can cook, play or sometimes replace the need of a friend; well but not a special-friend.

Describing here my biggest problem was; not only consolidating the whole marketing team inclusive of Business Developers, Digital Marketers, Support Executives, Sales Closers, Content Writers and Analysts but also maintaining an ecosystem where everyone can communicate, assign or be assigned tasks, work in a flow, and most importantly tracking of what & how they are doing.

After more than a week of research, I figured out that a lot of the companies are using individual tools to cop-up with the situation and most of the companies are not even using the tools to organize & innovate their Marketing. It’s true the world is full of enthusiastic Digital marketers who can make anything viral on clicks but unfortunately, they aren’t managing their work teams digitally.

Taiga with Kanban became our best choice

Mark is a big fan of Taiga. That’s what we use for our engineering projects but this time we decided to use this for the management of our marketing projects. Certainly, it provides us multiple boards like epics, backlog with sprints, and kanban. Kanban is an absolute love with the most flexible workflow mapping and works exactly the same as Trello. The night we spent several hours in configuring our workflow then few cards and it looked like this:

Taiga with Kanban view for Nextwerk Marketing
Our configured Taiga with Kanban for the marketing team

Above is an actual view of our Kanban as you can see in-progress cards for Hire JS Developer page and #30 for AI Developer.

Benefits beyond demands:

Taiga offers Free video conferencing tools

While just configuring a few of the essential features of the Task management system; we witnessed that there are much more beyond our demands. The most exciting feature was the video conferencing for our demands. It also gave us an opportunity to explore and test the features of available video conferencing systems as well as their compression rate. One may find the following video conferencing tools as free replacement of zoom :

However; if you want zoom or any other custom video conferencing system then it’s just a few clicks away as Taiga provides an opportunity to add your own video conferencing tool by simply adding the parameters. I will soon add more content to reviews about different video conferencing tools as well as their configurations.

Consolidation & Version Control using Taiga

The next target on our minds was the consolidation and versioning of our content. This content is related to our web pages including the user stories for blogs. We always try to publish our achievements and completion reports. Our devs are great at coding and completing applications but sometimes they make the stories quite technical so our team of content writers simplifies the content, then our design analyst converts a few tricky contents into infographics or images so this whole process may take more than one person from start till end. So having a version control system for content writing isn’t a big deal but having it work-flow management is more like a dream coming true.

Why to Opt Taiga for Marketing Department? 1
Taiga provides multiple sub versioning / Git integrations

We get multiple version control integrations already available in Taiga such as GitLab, Github, bitbucket, and gogs. Not only our tasks but also all the contents behind those tasks can easily but controlled with versions. Which is no more than a blessing for a team of heterogeneous professionals to work and collaborate on the same screen from start till end. Taiga gives you workflows, assignments, online meetings, and version control of your content. It might be the part of many other PMS but Taiga is a comprehensive system contributed by the community around the world and good for non-tech people.