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What Is the Process to Develop a Question and Answer Platform Like Quora?

  • Post published:November 9, 2021

Are you planning to develop a question and answer platform like Quora? It is indeed a good initiative because FAQs are important mostly in view of the fact that links to the related content are provided, customer concerns are catered to, as well as you give a deeper understanding of the product given.

Do you frequently ask questions on the internet? Which platform do you reach out to? We presume Quora because it is one of the best FAQ platforms on the internet. Just because you want to fulfill your curiosities, you engage in social question-and-answer websites to gain and share knowledge. So, Quora and Reddit are those two websites you can resort to as inspiration to develop a question and answer platform.

Do you know how question and answer apps like Quora have an exceptional view rate? It has more than 1.7 million views, 83.5k upvotes, and 634 shares. This is why even startups are looking to develop a question and answer platform like Quora. You should too!

How is Quora distinctive amongst its competitors?

It is unique owing to its authenticity in answers as users publish them with strong references. Quora’s liability is due to high-quality content, and its prime aim is to share your opinion on the raised question with valid facts that are credible enough.

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It competes with different platforms like Yahoo, Reddit, Stack Overflow, because it provides relevant answers to the users suggested by experts. Quora establishes a benchmark by posting rich content to attract a large number of users in the market. It highlights the most demanding topics relevant to marketing and entrepreneurship for businesses to expand their reach.

Facts about Quora

Here are a few facts about Quora that mention its credibility:

  • In 2019, Quora mainly had 350+ million active users, and now the number is increasing day by day.
  • Quora is competing with LinkedIn by restoring more than 450,000 subjects of discussions and involves clients spending twice the time on it.
  • Renowned researchers have concluded that 85-95% of answers on Quora are evergreen for the audience.

How creating a question and answer app like Quora could be profitable for you?

After a massive demand for Quora’s answers, many design similar platforms of their own with the help of professional app development companies.

If you want to develop a question and answer platform, you must first study other apps to take inspiration. If you have an idea prepared, you can consult with our app development individuals who can give you a full-featured goal setting, and even do an SEO audit for you.

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How to get started with an app like Quora?

Before planning to develop a question and answer platform like Quora, start evaluating competitors like Reddit,,, etc. Jot down a few pointers to attract the users. Design a simple and attractive app that grabs your user’s attention, convinces them to create an account, and caters to ambiguities in the form of questions and answers.

After signing up, the user selects a topic preference to start receiving questions about through an email or in the news feed. Users are also allowed to answer questions that are relevant to their preferences.

It is essential to implement the required amount of functionalities into your question and answer app to fulfill the needs of an end-user.

Following are the few main features that are essential to follow before planning to develop a question and answer platform like Quora:

1- Search tab

What is your first preference to search for information?

Most probably a search tab, bar, or a symbol of a magnifying glass. A user always demands a search tab on the front to explore the required information, questions, answers, topics, trends, etc.

2- Newsfeed

Does the news feed of an app trigger you to scroll for new updates?

A news feed is the most engaging element of an app. Users scroll updates from the people they follow and provide feedback through like, comment, and share options.

3- Choice of different topics

Question and answer apps like Quora provide an option to choose preferences through which you can explore a variety of questions. There are a variety of topics embedded into its database, and you have the freedom to explore any one of them and answer the relevant questions.

4- Ask questions

Are you planning to develop a question and answer platform like Quora? Try to add a useful option for your users so they can ask any questions in contrast to the right topic category.

5- Share answers

Answering a question is obligatory, so you have to give your users some freedom to answer the questions of their own choice to increase their and other users’ knowledge.

Sharing your answers can increase the visibility of the application and allow users to express their outlooks.

6- Hide identification

Did you get a chance to use This website allows everyone to ask any question by staying ‘anonymous.’ You can give your users an option to hide their identification before asking a question and for their security purposes.

7- Add a comment on the answer

Do you want to engage more with your users? Include an option of “add comment” into the answer section. A user can also comment on the answer to make it more interesting and engaging for everyone.

8- Edit and delete questions answers

There are a few possibilities, like the relevant topic goes offbeat and no one pays attention to it. Add an option of edit and delete for the users to correct it according to the situation.

9- Push Notifications

Push notifications are something that directly attacks users and alerts them for new updates. It maintains user engagement by providing updated questions, answers, contradictions, etc. from their followers.

10- Like, comment and share

It is the right of the user to like or dislike anything shown on social platforms. Similarly, add an option of like, comment, and share to maintain user engagement while reacting to any question, write their feedback through a comment, and share among friends.

11- Stats Dashboard

The Stats dashboard in your platforms allows users to view how many people react to their questions. It evaluates the number of shares, likes, responses, watches time, etc.

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Wrapping up

An average cost of USD 25000 to USD 35000 and 4 – 6 months is needed to develop a question and answer platform like Quora.

You can hire a professional mobile app developer from a reputable mobile app development company like AppDev360. We are here with an expert team of mobile app developers to manage your question and answer app needs within minimal cost and time. So, contact us now.