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Startup Idea: how to effectively explain that

  • Post published:October 23, 2020

Can you pitch your startup idea in 60 seconds? We are aware that you have to explain it thousands of times to potential customers, team members, investors, partners, media, and more.

Undoubtedly, you cannot underestimate the significance of educating your startup idea to anyone but if you are facing hard times, know that you do not know your business much. Well, it’s nothing to worry about.

We assure you this guide will not be a fruitless discussion for the reason that we will not tell you bits of advice that is uncountable. There are three stepladders to supercharge your pitch to describe your startup idea to anyone if you get this right.

Let’s get this show on the road. Your investors will literally be throwing money at you. You are near to becoming rich, soon.

Startup Idea: how to effectively explain that 1

Losing your business opportunities? Change the way you pitch it. You are going to learn how to form a pitch deck for investors in like three minutes but first and foremost, know what exactly a pitch is.


A pitch is the story of your product and business. That is how you enthuse investors and potential customers about your business.

For a startup to function appropriately, effective communication is vital. At the start of your journey, you will keep on refining your pitch till it is one-of-a-kind. Unless it truly portrays your unique solution and business goalmouth.

Understand when communications are disrupted, your businesses suffer, you lose investors, and the startup idea is often the biggest fatality.

Startup Idea: how to effectively explain that 2


Would you like to be in a position where the person you are talking to has absolutely no idea about what you are telling? Of course not.

Especially when you are running a startup, you fail at this simple task of describing your business idea to investors. Even if you are not on a hunt for investors, but you still have to convey your startup idea to your potential audiences. Isn’t that so?

A startup idea description has to be noticeable, that is your only hope to catch people’s attention, initially. You have to get to force them to say – “I am intrigued, tell me more about it.”

We are distributing free tips here, literally! For you to inscribe an exclusive startup idea, we advise you to choose words wisely and not even just that. Rehearse it; test it before you present it.



What do you think your sole existence is about? Obviously, you are existing to solve a problem your potential customer might have. So, that’s how you start. Begin the conversation with the possible solution you have come up with. After you have finally identified their pain points, address them to provoke interest.

Startup Idea: how to effectively explain that 3

Check out the above image, what a stunning and aspirational value proposition! You can expect such commitment from Apple without a doubt. Make your startup idea sound exactly like it; tell what you have to offer and focus on user experience. You can create a storyline to evoke emotions, to make your audience genuinely feel like their pain is finally heard.

Did not this advice make you see things differently? Is it not a piece of one-minute advice to win it?

Startup Idea: how to effectively explain that 4


You have a startup idea, you have understood your business well, you have successfully derived the mission/vision statement, and your stellar pitch is ready, what now? You need a custom software development team that can take your startup idea from inception to development.

Do you remember we said in the beginning that effective communication is key to every business solution? The same is also true when you have to explain your startup idea to a software team for development purposes.

Your team needs a clear-cut understanding of your concept to attain the end results. Communication plays a part here since a poor understanding can in turn cause loss of business opportunities.

Wondering how you can effectively convey your startup idea to a software company? Here is how in simple three steps:

  1. Introduce yourself and your organization; don’t forget to provide a brief background
  2. If there is a real-world example of your startup idea then show it
  3. Provide your complete vision; every detail is important


There is no ‘one defined way’ to explain your startup idea for the reason that you would need to alter your approach every time depending on the audience you will find. But please, you don’t have to give each detail to the investor, just the necessary to induce interest.

Do you have a clear path now? Is there any confusion still left? We doubt it!


Are you looking for a software development company to get tailor-made solutions to your complex problems? We understand that a software development process is complex and lengthy but don’t worry you can accomplish everything in a short time.

The development process is divided into unique parts. Once we are on the same page; Flowchart and Visual Mockups are designed to show the functionality of your product. You can set a realistic budget and timeline to get your work done.

Let’s begin with an MVP today!