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Experienced “unfinished projects” or other development challenges? Drop all your concerns. Start your development process with highly skilled developers at vteams. Choose the developer of your choice from a pool of remote developers with successful projects on their resumes.

Have you got a deadline to meet but a little tight on budget? Know that your online remote developer is just here if you want:

Faster Web Development

Quicker and Better Coding

Security and Speed

Build high-speed Ruby on Rails Development Solutions for your Business

Do you know ROR is 40% faster than other development frameworks? You can use ROR to build a custom web project within a shorter time.

ROR Porting and Migration Services

Get secure ROR porting and migration services with enhanced and efficient performance.

Ruby on Rails CMS Development

Create CMS Solutions to boost efficiency with ROR and streamline your business functions.

ROR Optimization and Integration

Optimize your business functionality with the integration of ROR tools and solutions.

Advanced ROR Programming

Hire ROR developer with advanced expertise in ROR programming and get real-time results.

ROR Custom Application Development

Reinvent and Build custom solutions for your unique business needs with faster ROR development.

ROR e-Commerce Applications

Create powerful e-commerce apps using the latest ROR tools and frameworks and increase capital.

Create powerful e-commerce apps using the latest Ruby on Rails tools, frameworks, and increase capital.

Take the next step to create your Dream Product with Ruby on Rails

Build your products in a superior environment with ease and speed.

Choose Ruby on Rails as your back end technology and add leverage with:

Rich Libraries and Frameworks

You have diverse frameworks and libraries to build the product of your choice.

Powerful Functionality and Automation

Seamless functionality with powerful automation solutions ensures productivity.

Clean, Concise and Less coding

Save your time and efforts with a clean, concise, and secure code with zero complexity.

Quicker Scalability

You can run your urgent project in no time with ROR scaled on multiple servers.

Sustainable Productivity

It makes the development easier with the help of in-built operational configurations.

Resistance Capacity

You can design ROR with a flexible architecture depending upon the load.

Create web development solutions, enterprise applications, and customized products like Github, Atlassian, Shopify, and many more scalable products.

Hire Ruby on Rails developer| Build Kickass Apps and goals with vteams

We take ownership of our work. vteams won't let you walk alone, because and we are not done until we fix it.

We have always Got your Back(end)

Do you have any questions? Talk to our experts, before you actually start the work with us. Know what technology suits your business needs.

Why is vteams your best choice to hire Ruby on Rails developer?

vteams VS Freelancer


  1. You hire like your own
  2. Quick Resource Replacement
  3. 5x faster-Hire Right Now (Multiple options)
  4. Full-Spectrum Technologies pool
  5. Red Flags? Our Experts will fix it for you
  6. Payment methods of your preference
  7. Free team training, availability as per time zone
  8. Interview, employ and directly contact resource
  9. Don’t get stuck, Build your project as per timeline


  1. You hire like your own
  2. Hiring another person?
  3. Unable to find the right person
  4. Limited Experience and lack of Expertise
  5. Misinterpreted Instructions result in more Spending
  6. Payment issues
  7. Nonavailability/Team Replacement
  8. Miscommunication, Ambiguity, and Lack of Clarity
  9. Stuck, Missed Deadlines and Incomplete Projects

Hire from vteams and eliminate the uncertainty. Hire a dedicated developer fully focused on your project whether it's for a longterm, hourly, or fixed basis.


Junior ROR Developer

Experience: 2+ $2,200+

Mid-Level ROR Developer

Experience: 3+ $2,400+

Senior ROR Developer

Experience: 5+ $2,600+

Expert ROR Developer

Experience: 8+ $2,800+

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Simpler, Quicker and Reliable

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Some of the leading digital businesses in the world rely on ROR for their application development. If you’re looking to analyze a ruby on rails development company this is a good place to start

Cello Bello
Scrum Alliance
Hivetech Solutions

We Specialize in Solutions Customized to Your Business Needs

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Working with vteams has been a pleasure. They helped us take an idea and make it a reality. They are very professional, timely and willing to work with you. We have been extremely pleased with our developer in particular and his dedication to getting the work done – and always with a positive attitude.

Stephanie Cox, Founder & CEO, The Level Market

I worked with vteams for over 2 years. Their staff was amazing to work with and their capabilities were unmatched. Most importantly, the team was responsive to requests and understanding of deadlines and always put in extra effort when needed to meet a deadline. I highly recommend vteams.

Trajan King, CEO, Invincible Robots

When you are dealing with someone on the other side of the world, surely there are bound to be problems. But honestly, it happens when you use someone nearby too. It happened to us and that’s how we ended up with vteams. Because they go out of their way to mitigate these issues , I feel a real partnership, despite the distance.

Molly Knappen, Project Manager, UDesign Inc.


You get to have guaranteed ownership of the code for your projects. It also includes copyrights, NDA, intellectual property rights, and source code.
You can directly communicate through skype and email. However, if you prefer any other medium, we are flexible to adapt.
We use Taiga, Skype, and Jira. But, we have flexible options for you, so we will prefer your choice and comfort.
There is no limit; it’s solely your discretion to retain the resource for as long as you need. Know that it’s your own dedicated employee that you are hiring.
In case of resignation; we take full responsibility to provide an equally good developer with sufficient overlap time to transfer domain knowledge and our managers get more involved with you until the new developer becomes phenomenal.
From ideation till the successful delivery, we follow agile methodology for the development process, which involves:
  • Client’s requirements and needs
  • Critical Analysis and Research
  • Choosing the right technology and tools
And getting on with the project without wasting time.
Monthly invoices are issued by the finance department 15 days before the month starts. You can pay your invoice through Paypal, Credit Card, ACH or Online Transfer.
Although we have highly skilled trainers and experienced managers to guide and train the resources with the right ways to work to meet your expectations, otherwise we replace the resources with free overlapping and no cost is charged for that.
Our clients are always in the loop from day one of the development. We have transparent project management strategies in place to ensure, that you stay updated on the progress. If you have any preference, we can adapt to that too.
Ruby is a programming language, whereas Ruby on Rails(ROR) is an open-source web framework that runs on the Ruby programming language for the implementation.
You can hire online programmers and ROR developers from vteams. It is the best software development site that empowers employers to find highly skilled and trained engineers and remote developers.
Yes, you will get a signed NDA Document with other official and confidential documents for your security and the safety of your project.
When you are looking to hire top-notch ROR developers, make sure that you directly interview the resource before employing. vteams helps you with different choices and you can hire the developer of your own choice as per your business needs. Make sure that:
  • Developer is experienced on prior projects
  • Familiar with the latest tools and technology
  • Personally interview and assess the portfolio
Lastly, never make your decision on price, because the quality is what you need to stand tall among your competitors and get advantage.
The cost can vary depending on the project and the time that you need if you hire ROR developer. We have different pricing models including hourly, project basis, and fix pricing. If you have any other further queries, feel free to ask us.