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Current Available Resources

Bilal Muhammad
Bilal Muhammad

Bilal Muhammad

Senior PHP Developer

Ammiza Transports

Built the front-end side and managed the development and database management. Advanced features to extract, update, monitor, and clean data.

Metro Multan (Veda Transportation)

Constructed the project from scratch meeting the requirements. Handled the project at every stage as an admin and managed the front-end side.

Procurement Management System

Built Web Application with novel features, developed through in Zend2 in the back end, and developed front end with AngularJS Material UI.


Designed Project by actively managing as admin, front-end, and database management. Created features within the project to clean, extract queries, and update data.

3+ Years

Overall Rating
Based on Performance
Omer Farooq
Omer Farooq

Omer Farooq

Senior PHP Developer

Maintainpad (SaaS)

Successfully Designed SaaS Architecture along with Development and Implementation of the Code with Management of the Project.

Estudy Academy v2 (Laravel eLearning Application)

Integration of Extensive Task Modules in Application as Core Action. Added Extensive Feature to record temperature etc.

Getup (Bitcart - Multi vendor shopping cart software)

Lead the project until effective Delivery. Lots of new features and upgradation was introduced to Bitcart for enhanced performance with new technologies.


Developed Doctor-Patient Online Portal. It had various features with a mentionable interactive and inbuilt Chat system.

6+ Years

Overall Rating
Based on Performance
Arslan Azhar
Arslan Azhar

Arslan Azhar

Senior PHP Developer

NSIS – National Skills Information System

Provided Full-stack Development services including Front-end, Backend, and Database development. Contributed to webserver development.

Medical Online Application

Designed the Applications and Websites, worked on functions including front-end, back-end, and database development with the latest features.

Online Job Portal - GetConnected

Designed and Created Online Job Portals with more interactive and powerful features. It included backend support and database development.

Pool Safety Inspector System

The online Pool Safety System was developed to maintain the database and record. Requirements for the project such as front-end and backend were provided.

8+ Years

Overall Rating
Based on Performance
Waleed Muhammad
Waleed Muhammad

Waleed Muhammad

Senior PHP Developer

International Checkout System ( ICS)

Devised Updates, integrated Features, and Modules into the International Checkout System. Delivered Project and worked on the maintenance.

Online Education and ELearning Portals

Devised Online portals for Online Education, Student Portals, and Online ELearning systems. Integrated Automation to manage student records and results.

Online Investigations System

Created powerful database management systems and admin panels to manage records and reports. Secure verification systems for lead investigator teams.

Online Hotel Booking Sites

Developed and deployed dynamic features for online hotel booking websites. Worked on integration of the latest APIs for android and IOS apps for better user experience.

6+ Years

Overall Rating
Based on Performance

Hire World’s TOP 1% PHP Developer

To hire the top software development talent with multifaceted skills undergoes scrutiny. We hire highly driven team players, who have creative, intuitive and problem-solving skills. Our potential focus remains on their soft communication skills, as they directly contact the client.

In addition to this, we make sure that our hired developer has extensive experience and well versed with Object-Oriented Programming concepts, Database concepts, Logic Building approach, Requirement engineering concepts, Application Architecture and Engineering concepts, agile mindset and the adaptability to learn new things. It’s highly commendable to have up-to-date knowledge about industry dynamics.

Hire PHP Developer

Our PHP Development Process

Get on a call with usGet on a call with us

360° Review360° Review

Design & Development PlanDesign & Development Plan


Join World’s Top PHP Development Company

Join World’s Top PHP Development Company as your Partner in Success 

Make your dreams come true and hire PHP Developers to make things possible for your business. vteams proudly serves its international clientele, being home to the world’s top 1% developers. We enable you to achieve new heights of success and set new goals.

vteams is a leading PHP Development Company with 27+ years of experience in the market and a growing number of global clientele by delivering world-class development services. 

We have the strength of our highly skilled PHP developers, who are committed to providing you excellence with the best expertise in PHP skills. We have gathered a hands-on team, so hire our highly qualified PHP developers known for their timely and successful project delivery. Our developers have a wide range of expertise and experience in PHP development and solutions.  When you hire our PHP programmers, they combine creativity with technology to deliver robust, powerful and customized solutions.
We have a vast number of PHP specialists who are experts in their domains with successful experience in PHP programming and development not limited to web application development but also:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Data Sciences & Engineering
  • Mobile Apps Back-end development
  • Estimation, Forecast & Predictive analysis system
  • Web services development for data transportation

We offer value, reliability and fast project delivery by minimizing the risks and costs. One of the best things is that you add more profit and value to your business if you hire a PHP programmer or developer from vteams.

Hire PHP developer from our top dedicated team of engineers to help you build the most robust and powerful PHP based application solutions for your desired project.  Our tailored services and product development are meant to cater to the business needs and requirements related to customized PHP web and application solutions. vteams developers create responsive, personalized and user-friendly user-interface HTML designs to provide the best-humanized experience.

We Do Best For Our Clients

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Years in Business
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Engineers on-board
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Global Centers
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TOP PHP Developer or team of PHP Engineers- Why vteams is your best choice

We provide you with the facility to hire one dedicated PHP developer or a team of top PHP engineers, who excellently fulfill your demands. Our solutions yield results because have the right people for the right job including custom PHP development services. Our solid foothold in the niche-based market is earned after serving small scale businesses to delivering successful projects for large scale enterprises. vteams is a place for top PHP builders and talented workforce well versed with the latest trends who understand the client’s needs and always deliver what’s required. We transform businesses into success and build innovative solutions for those who need their PHP projects to be custom made.

We prefer our client’s success and for which, we have a diverse business model. Our hiring model helps you to choose from the best and hire PHP programmers. vteams have different recruiting models as per needed expertise, client’s budget, and “in-demand” technology. If you are looking to recruit PHP developers or hire programmers, we have a team of dedicated developers. You can hire developers for a dedicated project as a single developer, fixed prices for the team of developers or hire developers on an hourly basis.

Hire PHP Developer

Recent Projects

Hire PHP Developer


Team Structure: 4 Developers
Industry: Education
Duration: 10-November-2015 and still running
Tools And Technologies:
Yii Framework, PHP 7, MySQL, JQuery / Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, XSS, Ckeditor

Hire PHP Developer


Team Structure: 4 Developers
Industry: Sales
Duration: 2.1 Years
Tools And Technologies:
Yii Framework, PHP 7, MySQL, JQuery / Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, XSS, Ckeditor



Team Structure: 4 Developers
Industry: Education
Duration: June-2014 and still running
Tools And Technologies:
PHP/MySQL, WordPress, WP Engine, Hosting Service, Amazon Web Services

Hire PHP Developer


Team Structure: 12 Developers
Industry: HR
Duration: 1.8 Years
Tools And Technologies:
PHP 5.5.9, Laravel 5.2, Red 5 Media Server, AJAX, jQuery, UI Bootstrap, Materialize, Amazon S3 bucket, HTML5

Choose a Dedicated PHP Developer as per your Business Needs

Our focus is always on the ever-changing atmosphere and how we can grow or nurture business by adapting to the latest changes in technology and tool development. Our Team works in a multifaceted way:

  • PHP Engineers
  • PHP  Designers
  • PHP Architects
  • PHP Testers
  • PHP Consultants

Our expert PHP developers and programmers have ensured our strong footing in the tech-market by mastering the latest technology. Hire our developers, who are fully aware of the recent market challenges and hold the skills to provide custom solutions. If you are looking for a reliable PHP development company that attends to your needs and provides you the advantage over your competitors in the market.  Our top-notch full-stack engineers are fully expert in the latest frameworks in PHP including Laravel, Yii, Symfony, Zend, and Codelgniter. Understanding the demand for JavaScript in the market, our expert PHP engineers are exceptionally good at front-end JS technologies like React, Angular and Vue.js.

Hire PHP Developer
Hire PHP Developer

Companies and Businesses are excited to work with the most popular PHP framework Laravel. It provides a vast arena to work with more flexibility, diversity in PHP development.  It enables the developers to seamlessly customize the websites and apps with changing modern development trends. 

Hire php developers from vteams with extensive experience and well versed in:

  • Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
  • Database Concepts
  • Logic Building Approach
  • Requirement Engineering Concepts
  • Application Architecture
  • Engineering Concepts
  • Adaptability and Agile Mind-set
  • Up-to-date Industry Knowledge

Our top-notch full-stack engineers are fully expert in the latest frameworks in PHP including Laravel, Yii, Symfony, Zend, and Codelgniter. Understanding the demand for JavaScript in the market, our expert PHP engineers are exceptionally good at front-end JS technologies like React, Angular and Vue.js. Offering your flexibility and diversity in modern development trends, we do ace at providing the services concerning the most popular and latest PHP framework Laravel.

Our Clients


Client Testimonials

Mike Anderson, Project Manager

Mike Anderson, Project Manager

We work with several other development teams from various places around the world, and I just wanted to say you guys are fantastic to work with. Always very professional, and always on top of your game. You guys have been the only team that we felt comfortable enough with to really just leave you alone and let you work rather than being on top of you every single day. You guys have done a great job on everything tasked so far and I’m very excited to keep building out our success story with you guys!!!

Forward Control Software LLC

Dana Heller, Executive Director

Dana Heller, Executive Director

I wanted to reach out to you to let you know how much we appreciate Ghulam and his hard work. He continues to be a joy to work with and seems to really understand our product and what we are specifically looking for in results. Thank you so much for introducing Ghulam to us and our team. Ghulam a big thank you for all the extra efforts you put in to make sure that you understand what our needs are and being a joy to work with.

CDS InHealth

Jorge Brea, Founder & President

Jorge Brea, Founder & President

vTeams has been great for my company. We consider our programmers a part of our team and thus consider them family. Without their reliable support, great ideas, and willingness, we would not be able to grow and get more clients than ever before. I HIGHLY recommend them.

Symphonic Distribution Systems Enhancement

Madan Narmalraj

Madan Narmalraj

Vteams is a great group of people. Excellent communication, quality development, and on-time delivery – all at a competitive rate. We are very pleased with our partnership.

Pioneer in Providing Cutting-Edge PHP development Solutions on Time

Hire PHP Developer

vteams developers and engineers are equipped with the necessary skills and expertise due to their vast exposure. Our trained PHP developers and engineers are here to help you with smart, quick and robust PHP development solutions and services.

Our PHP Development Services Shape Your Business In Super Smooth Way: 

Our matchless service delivery in the PHP development lies in delivering onsite, innovative and exceptional PHP solutions. We proactively enable you to grow, if you hire our PHP developers and programmers as dedicated resources.

Life Cycle of how our efficient developers provide you work in a smooth and seamless way:

  • Step 1 Developer Selection as Per Project and Expertise
  • Step 2 Engagement with the Client during Development
  • Step 3 Building Your Project as Per Requirements
  • Step 4 On Time Delivery- All In One

Our developer instantly engages with you after receiving the requirements from you. They are trained to find the best possible solutions and continuously interact with the client during the development process. We deliver the projects timely and in sync with the interaction after maintenance and fixing. If you need any further service, we cater to all your needs like ours. We never compromise on quality and time, because your satisfaction is our reward. 

Our expert PHP professionals have extensive experience to skillfully tackle the industry and business challenges with quick and powerful solutions. Hire our best PHP developers to expand your horizon by achieving business goals, as they understand your needs concerning market trends.

  • PHP Laravel Development
  • PHP Mysql Programming
  • PHP Lamp Development
  • Yii Framework Development
  • Website Maintenance And Up-Gradation
  • Open Source Web App Customization
  • PHP Custom Development
  • Codeigniter Framework Development
  • PHP Extensions Development
  • PHP Libraries
  • PHP Development


Hire top PHP developers today for the project resource from reliable resources.  Let us build your PHP products for you with fully-fledged and high functioning PHP frameworks. Over the years we have developed different systems and processes for dealing with low scale, medium scale and large scale businesses with an additional touch of providing customized PHP services. Do you have an idea or a PHP website that you need assistance with? Let our PHP developers help you with the head starts and development, we will take care of everything. 

Hire Expert PHP Developers To Grow In Industry-Based Business

vteams is providing the best PHP development services, you get to choose from the world’s top PHP developers and programmers for next-level services. Hire our dedicated PHP developers for your project or long-term business, as we are currently serving multiple cross-industry sections. 

vteams is a top company with leading services in PHP development, delivering successful deployment of complex solutions with agile and powerful techniques. We provide PHP solutions for all businesses and industries. Our expert PHP programmers and designers are fully trained in offering efficient and cost-effective solutions inclusively with PHP technology. 

Hire PHP Developers and Explore Our Industry-Specific Expertise

Our dedicated team of PHP developers provides the best possible solution as per your custom needs. We have hundreds of projects deployed and successfully running in a diverse range of industry sectors including healthcare, retail, banking, entertainment and education at large. We build industry-specific and custom based web products and solutions as per your business needs.

Project Prices


$15Per Hour
(Experience 1+ years)
$2100/ Per Month


$17Per Hour
(Experience 3+ years)
$2400/ Per Month


$20Per Hour
(Experience 4+ years)
$2600/ Per Month


$22Per Hour
(Experience 5+ years)
$2800/ Per Month


$24Per Hour
Fixed bid estimates are based on an
hourly rate of $24/hour.
All estimates are based on hours/effort which are then totaled and presented at the end.


$150.00Per Month


$250.00Per Month


$500.00Per Month


You can hire dedicated PHP developers for the excellent delivery of results and projects concerning web development services and solutions. Get your desired results with the top 1% PHP Programmers in the world.

Our PHP development services provide an extensive range of web solutions for our clients including web development, web apps, web portals, CRMs, cloud solutions and customized PHP based product development.

As of PHP Development Company that has experienced PHP developers working for clients across the globe with mid-level, expert and pro/ senior level experience. A 3+ year’s experience is the finest for web development.

You have to hire PHP developers who have actively worked on various PHP frameworks. For a seamless experience, we can suggest some top frameworks i.e. Laravel, Symfony, Yii, Codeigniter, CakePHP. PHP framework Laravel is our top favorite.

Yes, PHP has modified over the years and it is quite popular in web development. It is incredibly vested in the future of building secure and safe web applications and web development. Hire PHP developers and see for yourself, and needless to say it’s part of your future.

Planning to hire dedicated PHP developers but staying on budget? Go for the best PHP development company that has expert, professional and experienced PHP developers with hourly, part-time, monthly and project-based.
vteams pride itself on being a top PHP Development Company having served a variety of global clientele. It delivers affordability and excellence to your business with quality based web development service with various hiring models.

PHP programming language is considered the safest and latest with so many improvisations over the years. It offers a strong backend language authentication that is well protected from possible attacks. It also provides lots of features to add secure checkpoints while developing web applications or secure PHP web products.

We have dedicated PHP developers and a team of PHP programmers. If you need more than one resource, we do offer discounts depending upon the project. For more info, feel free to contact us.

No, we are big on our client’s privacy and customized security needs. Rest assured that your code is secured and will never be reused or disclosed for any project. We have a strict non-disclosure agreement for our client’s safety.

You can hire expert PHP developers with an average experience of 4+ years. Our experienced PHP developers have vast experience of providing PHP solutions to various industries including healthcare, finance/ banking, retail and e-commerce.

Hire our PHP developers, who seamlessly perform source code management by deploying Github/Bitbucket and the same goes for version control.

You can easily hire dedicated PHP developers, who provide PHP development services and work as per the client’s time zone and convenience. Share your requirements, time zone, project deadline and goals with us and feel relax as our developers work on your project.

We offer our web development services and solutions as per our client’s needs and requirements. We prefer their desire to provide white label services for the projects.

We offer perks and free of cost services for our clients hiring dedicated PHP developers, that includes:

State-of-the-art Environment
Staging and Development Servers
Project Management
Sub Versioning System
Development Manager
Consultation and Solution Architecture
Free SQA Services

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