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7. Why The World Is Shifting Towards Online Learning?

  • Post published:April 13, 2020

Millions of students are taking virtual classes with online learning powered through LMS and online learning software. There are different online learning sources that aid and facilitate distance learning and home-based classes. 

Online learning is also becoming quite popular among educational institutions and being adapted by the traditional educational system. It befits equally for regular and technical educational courses, home-based training and even to create online lectures for extra skill set. E-learning and digital learning courses allow you to teach and learn remotely without wasting time. 

Why Rush For The Online Learning Sources?

Online learning websites, E-learning libraries, and educational mobile apps help in increasing skills and knowledge. The future of education is reshaping due to these emerging Ed-tech tools and technology. That’s why it is essential to adopt new ways of online learning and find out the best way to attain educational benefits. 

Some of the events in history have been very defining. Recently, there is a huge shift being experienced across the globe. It forced many world leaders to follow global experimentation and take emergency measures. Education is also one important part of life, that will be transformed after all this mayhem is controlled with effective measures. Therefore, remote teaching and home-based learning prove to be successful. It is going to drive the educational business model ahead and change it concerning success. The best thing about online learning is that it is affordable and easily accessible to all. But are we ready for this change? The world is learning to live in isolation by following the core instructions set by social distancing and quarantine. Hence, we can talk about the most reliable and engaging Digital platform for online learning. 

Why You Need LMS For Online Learning?

We are already aware of the virtual lectures, online classes and even attending online meetings at skype and zoom. But there are still some technical issues related to hardware and software which need our attention. We need to address these issues before the remote learning actually begins. Meanwhile, we can explore the best possible options available in the digital learning market that is working efficiently with hand-on expertise.

What Is The #1 Best Online Learning Platform? 

There are different digital learning and online platforms and websites for students, teachers, and learners. We are also going to unveil a valuable online platform contributing greatly to the online education system. Niche Academy is one of its kinds, as it was founded in September 2014. 

An ideal platform for remote learning can vary but Niche academy allows other open-source educational resources and libraries to go digital. It facilitates in providing an online library platform to utilize digital tools. Libraries can create their own space within the platform and be available to masses for the timely delivery of self-directed education. There is the availability of online tutorials and portals for learners concerning both paid and free of cost services. 

The utilization of this great platform can be extended and used for different academic purposes involving technical project-based online courses. Niche Academy is an interactive and engaging online learning platform built on top of the Mean stack involving lots of APIs including QuickBooks, Hub spot and integration of various other tools. It has the integration of Selenium Web Drivers and Cypress-io for payment methods etc. 

Importance of Online Tutorial in E-Learning 

The purpose of classes, online training, and digital education is to equip the generation to dominate modern challenges. It also involves the availability of reading material and ready to use online tutorials for classroom material. Online library and electronic resources have evolved. Niche Academy is a testament to that because they provide online tutorials serving hundreds of library systems across the globe. They are committed to the success of people in the field of knowledge. 

Here are some of the core features involved in building an online learning platform for Niche Library: 

  • Academy Creation.
  • Academy Management.
  • Tutorial Creation (Shared/Private/Paid/Free).
  • Lesson/Quizes/Activities/Code Lesson/Sequence in tutorials.
  • Banked Content Management.
  • Categories.
  • Marketplace.
  • Widgets.
  • Teams.
  • Super Admin Panel.
  • Learner Reports.
  • Global Reports.

You are more than welcome to explore their website for the latest content on education and library sources. 

Advantages of E-Learning and Home-based Online Learning Platform 

Students face a number of issues with online classes and the unavailability of the curriculum. Here you can find numerous e-books, audiobooks and sources of your need. 

We believe that there are different advantages of online learning platforms but convenience and accessibility top the chart for us. The main aim of technology should be to make lives easier for people.


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  • MySql.
  • SCSS
  • Team City.
  • AWS.

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