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When Fixing The Mistakes Of Others Is The Majority Of The Project

  • Post published:March 13, 2015

Many clients come to us with requests along the lines of, “Please save my project; I hired the wrong developers and now it’s a complete mess.”

We’re more than happy to oblige.

When one client came to us with an application that had already cost him thousands in R&D, we discovered that the issue had stemmed from the application’s original developers; they had used unethical approaches to “complete” the application, cutting corners and cutting time. It’s tragic how often we see this kind of project. However, we took it on, successfully, under a very tight deadline.

Ultimately, this particular project’s major issue was resolving a TrueVault API error in our client’s application.

Originally encrypted, once we’d received the unencrypted code from our client’s developers we almost immediately discovered numerous issues; many features were malfunctioning, if even attempting to function as they should have been at all. At that point, though, the previous developers had completely dropped from planet Earth; it was up to us to make the necessary changes, and to largely re-write the missing chunk of code that would render this application what the client had wanted in the beginning.

We compared and troubleshooted the previous code, eventually searching out another nasty little surprise in the form of an entirely incorrect TrueVault API code; the credentials used hadn’t been valid to begin with.

We built a separate TrueVault API Request page, debugged the issues, re-wrote the Request code from scratch (to move the previous developer’s code) correctly this time, and found that the error was resolved.

All under deadline.

So while any project might seem defunct after the wrong developers get their hands on it, it’s become somewhat of a specialization for us here at vteams.

If this has happened to you, contact us. We can help.