Without Improvement, There Is No Future

  • Post published:February 6, 2015

Just six years after the introduction of the World Wide Web to the public, vteams was founded. For the more than twenty years vteams has been in business, we’ve seen the tech industry soar, crumble and innovate.

Our time is an exciting one; new gadgets, toys and gizmos once trapped in the deepest recesses of the mind meet with reality every day. In ten, fifteen, even twenty years the most sophisticated tools we can presently imagine will hold no use. As we innovate as a race, our relationships with technology change, one prime example being the iPhone.


Just as these technological trends fluctuate and grow, so must businesses that tend to the technological needs of the people who use them. Twenty years in the field is no small feat; we’ve anticipated and adapted to stay thriving. Companies that have failed to do so, opting to stick to antiquated developing systems and strategies, no longer exist.

In 2015,tech trend forecasters predict that context-rich systems, cloud computing and software-defined applications will run our world; these niches, though, are what we at vteams have been adopting for the past several years.

We certainly didn’t anticipate the Kindle in 1996. We did, however, know that without adaptation, there is no future.

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