How The vteams Model Is Optimized For Stringent Deadlines

  • Post published:January 26, 2015

Like many companies, vteams has been through a series of business models in order to optimize our work flow, customer service and sales. Unlike most companies, we’ve had twenty years to do so.

When a company hires vteams, they have at their disposal just that: a virtual team, complete with managers, developers and HR. We’ve found that, with a contracted employee at every level, clients receive both the best work quality and communication possible. It follows, then, that the ability to meet an astonishingly tight deadline isn’t negotiable.

As a matter of fact, in one recent case, it was all or nothing.

Procrastination? What’s that?

When vteams developer Tahir Mustafa was faced with what’s best described as a “developing ultimatum,” he knew the project would require out-of-the-box methods. The client had come to us with a data scraping project; a relatively straightforward task. In this case, however, the data in question would be completely lost in two weeks’ time.

Tahir sourced from previous experience and developed unique techniques and functions in order to successfully scrape two sites’ data, storing it safely on a brand new database.

The nature of the project required serious efficiency, meticulous accuracy and daily follow-ups and communication. As the vteams model has been optimized for even the most stringent of deadlines, Tahir was able to combine his own experience with our standard in order to assure our client’s data was safe and secure.

This is just one example in which achievement was contingent upon exceptional levels of correspondence, work ethic and quality. It’s situations like this that set us apart from competitors, whose “daily communication” might best translate as one weekly email. The client in question sent multiple follow-up projects and proceeded to hire another developer from Tahir’s team.