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Customer Satisfaction means more than Business

  • Post published:December 31, 2015

vteam #563 was started on trial basis for one month because our client had the idea scripted on a piece of paper. The idea was to provide a one-stop-online-shop for aid and development products. In order to convert client’s idea into a real world application, it was important for vteams engineer to develop a good working relationship with client and win her confidence first.

Being a female and non-technical, client was concerned about the communication with vteams engineer Ishaq Zahoor. She wasn’t able to understand the technicalities of the project, test the product and give feedback. Due to this much uncertainty, it was the high time to make her sure that vteam #563 already took the responsibility of her project under her guidance.

In the initial phase, vteams engineer Ishaq Zahoor held Skype meetings with client on daily basis to track the progress of the whole day and discuss the next day’s plan. Following this approach, the trial period of vteam #563 went smooth for one month and client was satisfied with the progress being made during this trial period. She decided to continue work on regular basis with vteams.

Keeping the non-technical factor of client in mind, Ishaq had to show his proactiveness. He designed questions and discussed the requirements in such a way that they were understandable for her and she felt comfortable while discussing them.

Ishaq started developing prototypes and demonstrated them to her. By looking at working prototypes, it became easier for her to track whether her needs were fulfilling or not. By then, she was in a better state to provide any feedback about the completed or ongoing tasks. Ishaq always suggested her the best possible ways to achieve the application goals and tried things to look simple for her understanding, giving feedback and future tasks as well.


Holding such discussions with client gave her an intention about every task being developed under her supervision. She got a better idea of the overall progress regarding current status of the day and what would be expected by next working day. The client felt really comfortable with this methodology and soon every last bit of her worries changed over into certainty and trust.