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Building A Unique Automated SEO Process For Articles Across The Web

  • Post published:April 21, 2015

If you’ve ever searched google for images of something very specific only to come back with a whole lot of junk and very little of what you actually needed, you understand the necessity for the sort of toolset we recently created for a client.

A U.S.-based content distribution company was in search of an off-page SEO system that would help to organize their content both for potential and existing readers.

Our developers scoured the web, in search of articles that would help us reference exactly what should be pulled up. We looked for specific keywords in major search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.)

Searching for solutions

In the process of developing this system we found that the most popular search engines in the world are altering the criteria they use to present search results very rapidly. Often too rapidly to draw up a distinct algorithm. We had to get creative.

We separated our respective crawling, extracting and evaluation processes, which helped immensely as we continued adding new criteria into the relevant sections of the software. With each new tidbit of information embedded, the system grew in accuracy and strength – despite a questionable point of reference.

We created this system using Zend Framework 1, PHP, MySQL, AJAX and jQuery with help from sites like Twitter, Yahoo and YouTube.