Bluetooth Adapter For Standard Mass Storage Device

  • Post published:June 9, 2015

Whenever you want to connect your GPS devices with different mobile devices using OTG cable, you may come across few suspicious behaviors in storage device. To resolve this, one can design a Bluetooth adapter  which will be able to connect with any mass storage device and behaves like a bridge between mass storage device and any mobile device over Bluetooth communication.

How this can be achieved?

Our R&D concluded the following points:

  • There is no such dongle available in the market that can fulfill this requirement
  • Existing Bluetooth enable chips that are available in market, but they do not comply to 100% connectivity with all platforms

To resolve this issue, following solution can work:

  1. Use a Bluetooh enabled GPS device which ensures 100% connectivity with all platforms or purchase it
  2. Use a GPS device that has an SDK available, through which we could write communication engines for different platforms or we could purchase it