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4 Essential Tips From Marketers On Building The Best Site Ever

  • Post published:March 21, 2015

Building your dream company and not sure where to start? You’re not alone.

“Marketing essentials” are among the most highly searched terms within the business world. At present, some of our most brilliant minds are shaping the way that you think, desire and behave without your knowledge or explicit consent. Why not become one of them?

Here are four essential tips for building your best possible site.

1. Don’t underestimate the power of a blog

We’ve already discussed the fact that content is king; in the modern marketing framework, in fact, it’s the end all, be all. If you aren’t taking the time to write at least one dedicated blog post a day, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to demonstrate to the audience who you are, what you know and how you can assist them as a company.

2. Focus on building a community

Community versus audience: what’s the difference? A community is brought together by your brand and survives, interacts and thrives independently thereafter. An audience, though also valuable, simply observes. A healthy, dedicated community is the key to branding success.


3. Capitalize on ANY and ALL information

What do you know about your community? Can you run a survey or send an email that would help you to glean more information on that community? Skeptical? Consider this: At this time in our world especially, information has more value than ever before. Prominent tech experts are foreseeing it growing in value to the point that it will be used as actual currency, perhaps even in place of the physical dollar.

4. Any kind of subscription (or commitment) is good

Convince someone once and you’ll have them forever; the most difficult facet of building a brand is pulling an individual into your community for the very first time. That initial click is the only true hurdle we have. At that point, and after repeated exposure, our community member will have effectively made the commitment to our brand, messaging and service.