3 Ways vteams Is Unlike Any Other Programming Company

  • Post published:January 29, 2015

As we’ve alluded in our piece on “Faster, Better, Cheaper” programming, programming companies don’t always have the best of reputations. One of our goals has always been to blow this stigma into tiny pieces, our work quality and communication speaking for us.

Here are three more ways our company is unlike any other comparable firm you’ll find.

We have a structured model, optimized for ease of communication.

Not only does our project management system allow for real-time updates on the projects you assign, but our managers work traditional 40-hour weeks. On top of that, we’ve taken an extra step and established a team here in America that shares your own working hours.

We hire no one but the best.

Since you hand-pick every developer who works on your project, we’re sure to present you with superior options from the get. Contradictory to the norm, our turnover rate is nearly nonexistent; the person you’re working with today will be the person you work with tomorrow.

We’ve created a hierarchy of managers, analysts and developers.

We wanted our client experience to be as similar to having an in-house team as possible; our teams are solid, cohesive, familiar with one another and work as one entity. You’re free to communicate as little or as often as you like; this is your team.