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Artificial and Augmented Intelligence: IT Kings of Today

  • October 20, 2022
  • Aayan Arif
  • POSTED ON October 20, 2022
  • POSTED BY Aayan Arif

Have you ever noticed how technology rises day by day? No? Explore some examples today to differentiate between Artificial and Augmented Intelligence. How is augmented intelligence different from AI? There is a slight difference between Artificial and Augmented Intelligence. AI wants to make machines powerful and intelligence augmentation wants machines to learn data by themselves.

Have you ever noticed how technology rises day by day? No? Explore some examples today to differentiate between Artificial and Augmented Intelligence.

How is augmented intelligence different from AI?

There is a slight difference between Artificial and Augmented Intelligence. AI wants to make machines powerful and intelligence augmentation wants machines to learn data by themselves.

The following are some common examples of Artificial and Augmented Intelligence:

  • Digital voice assistants
  • Smart home devices
  • E-banking
  • Commuting to work
  • Open mobile screen with Face ID

Self-driving cars and drones are the most common technologies that work using Artificial Intelligence and Intelligence Augmentation. Many industries benefit from AI as it is a rapidly growing phenomenon; it enhances the speed, precision, and effectiveness of human efforts.

This article elaborates on how AI works to trigger the upcoming level of IA. Let’s talk about how Artificial and Augmented Intelligence are proven kings in today’s technological market.

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Artificial Intelligence: General Background

Are you exploring how Artificial Intelligence is impactful? Here’s your answer.

Artificial Intelligence is not limited to programmed responses but it evolves daily ranging from academics to socio-economic technologies, and many more.

A few technologies like speech recognition, medical diagnosis, voice assistants, and autonomous vehicles involve AI transforming everything into a new spark.

Artificial Intelligence General Background

How Artificial Intelligence will change the future? Are you concerned about the future of Artificial Intelligence?

AI emerges from different technologies like robotics, IoT, big data, and acts as an innovator to your future. Collaboration with AI allows you to achieve the optimal results as it supports and maximizes the insights for the business leaders to make better decisions in the future.

AI is evolving in the following domains:

  • Robotics
  • Hardware
  • Healthcare
  • Diagnostics
  • Health guidance
  • Machine learning
  • Autonomous driving

Intelligence Augmentation: Brief Introduction

Are you wondering how Intelligence Augmentation rises and amplifies human potential? Here’s an explanation.

Intelligence Augmentation is programmed to support human cognition and work with humans to focus on certain building systems. It represents the model of how AI and humans complement each other to fulfill a joint task.

Intelligence Augmentation Brief Introduction

Intelligence Augmentation intensifies human potential by improving labor productivity, simplifying your routine work, and rapidly enhancing comfort levels. There are certain tools developed by IA to deploy different purposes like knowledge creation, natural language tools, image processing tools, and involve electronic discovery.

The most common example of intelligence augmented is Coca-Cola, which utilizes AI-driven image recognition technology and augmented analytics to assist in analyzing the data of their products.

Real-life Examples

Various programs involve the usage of Artificial and Augmented Intelligence and feature a competition between humans and Intelligence. Below is a review of technological advancements in comparison to human instincts:

1. Autonomous Car vs Human Driver

Researchers compared two cars to analyze which car has a smooth ride and knows the difference between Artificial and Augmented Intelligence. One car is automated and the second one is with a human driver. As a result, the speed and other things were the same, proving that autonomous cars have become less jerky over the past few years.

2. Human face vs Face Recognition Software

The face is unique to every individual, so AI vision skills are significant to progress in facial recognition. A researcher analyzes AI’s progress in detecting human faces through different mediums, and as a result, AI performs well. During a face recognition test, AI detects dozens of faces within minutes.

AI vs AI

3. Stenographer vs Dictation Software

A stenographer is actually a trained transcriptionist. He works in the courtroom and transcribes spoken words while typing on computers. A stenographer competes against speech dictation software and evaluates their progress.

AI represents its progress well in competition while listening to low voice dictation and results resulting in 85% accurate results. On the other hand, stenographers respond with 75% accuracy.

4. Manual Navigation vs Google Maps

AI has contributed a lot in improving the navigation for travelers. Now, traveling has become a lot easier and saves much time. You do not use the printed maps or check stuff manually, the process is automated.

Are you wondering how an application can locate your destined place? Or how it analyzes the shortest possible route without traffic, hurdle-free, and resolves traffic congestion?

How cool is it that an application can locate your destined place? How can it analyze the shortest possible routes?

Artificial intelligence made it possible and differentiates between Artificial and Augmented Intelligence.

5. Editors vs AI Editing Software

Are you guys still relying on content editors? AI has improved enough to provide you with the most accurate AI-generated editing software in the market. Still, thinking not to hire a bot?

A variety of software is designed explicitly through AI algorithms with the use of machine learning and deep learning to spot incorrect words, punctuation, and sentence structures. They are good at suggesting the corrections of your text.

Is it still not time to rely on robot writers?

6. Search engines vs Exploring Libraries

Are you still exploring libraries to get references? Try not to!

Search engines are modern libraries and they are smart enough to provide accurate results according to your prior research, behavior, and interests. The data is acquired through the front-end and analyzed through machine learning and deep learning. That’s how search engines differ from libraries and involve everyone to rely on it.

7. Human Assistant vs Digital Assistant

Let’s suppose a daily life example of driving a car, you rely on your co-partner, either your mom, wife, or sibling, to assist you while driving in making a phone call, navigate your path, etc. Now you don’t have to rely on anyone beside you while driving because digital assistants like Siri and Google Assistant manage to resolve all your issues, make calls, entertain, and assist you while driving in an emergency.

8. Bank transactions vs e-Payments

Have you ever felt disgusted while managing your bank transactions? I hope so because that’s the reason why banking is functional on your smartphones.

Everything becomes so quick owing to e-payments. Now, it is the productive solution to ensure security, privacy controls, and identity management of your account.

Bank transactions vs e-Payments

Intelligence Augmentation vs Artificial Intelligence

Augmented Intelligence or Intelligence Amplification was introduced in the 1950s and 1960s to use information technology to augment human intelligence.

Intelligence Amplification and Artificial Intelligence are often compared with each other. Their names sound so similar that many fail to understand their true meanings. AI’s mission is to make computers work like humans, contrarily, IA aims to fill the gap. It only wants to enhance and magnify human intelligence.

Intelligence Augmentation Use Case

Case of Use in Retail Industry

Intelligence Amplification (IA) has penetrated the retail industry, unlike anything. It’s become so important for the service providers that they can’t collect vital numbers of sales and interactions without it.

  • It made the booking online and picking physically possible
  • It made shopping more fun; you now compare prices and do your complete product homework before buying it.
  • Intelligence Amplification eliminates phantom stock outs by inventory lookup, item location, in-store picking, real-time communication with store team members, and more.
  • Employee and consumer turn-over is reduced.
  • Employee theft rate is minimized.

Final Words

Artificial and Augmented Intelligence are playing major roles. Are you planning to develop any AI-based applications for your business? Contact us now to make your work easy and convenient.

We have a competent team of AI developers to assist you with machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, etc.


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