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AI Advertising: Creating Ads with Artificial Intelligence

  • October 20, 2022
  • Aayan Arif
  • POSTED ON October 20, 2022
  • POSTED BY Aayan Arif

“This is series 2 of AI advertising. In our first series, we talked about how marketers are using AI for advertising. In this blog, we will describe how machines are doing marketing better than humans. As well as guide you on how to create and manage Facebook ads that convert!” Today’s world is fast-paced. Today,

This is series 2 of AI advertising. In our first series, we talked about how marketers are using AI for advertising. In this blog, we will describe how machines are doing marketing better than humans. As well as guide you on how to create and manage Facebook ads that convert!”

Today’s world is fast-paced. Today, people demand rapid solutions to their problems and if their requirements are not met, they abandon you for good. There is no way you could ignore their needs because if you do so, in this competitive market, you will fail big. And that’s something you don’t want. You want to offer solutions, identify their pain points, erase them permanently, and look for the most efficient ways to help them out. And what they want is potential help, tailored solutions, hyper-personalized content, in short, everything that matches their specific needs.

AI advertising is introduced for such purposes. Today, as a marketer, you can implement AI advertising to drastically improve your advertising performances.

At vteams, we work with professionals who are best at implementing artificial intelligence. They stay curious as well as passionate about how this technology works and keep on learning new things to drive the best possible results for you. We have spent years and years investigating possibilities with AI, we have been working on this technology for a long and have found several ways to make every solution possible for you.

AI for advertisement

So, how to implement AI in advertising?

2021 State of Marketing AI Report presented by Drift and Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute states that using artificial intelligence, marketers have controlled their costs intelligently. Their data retrieval processes are automated, the repetition of tasks is reduced due to which their revenue has increased to the masses.

It is relatable because there was a time when we used traditional marketing technology where we had to build long algorithms by hand-coding. We were telling the machines what to do but today the machines are telling us how to do it. Artificial intelligence unlocked each potential for us and helped us revolutionize the marketing strategies for our clients. You could do the same.

Instead of fearing AI, you should embrace it to the fullest because it has a lot to offer. Its possibilities are endless. Much is happening in the world, the AI experts are trying to unlock each potential AI has to offer and we believe that a day will come when we would see robots roaming around and walking on the same streets. This is just a theory for now but our feeling is true.

All of the major platforms such as Amazon, Meta, Google, Microsoft, Apple, even Netflix uses ML, deep learning, computer vision, speed recognition, image recognition, natural language processing, and natural language generation to provide you what they are providing you: the best possible experiences. How they are doing it, let’s learn!

AI advertising

AI for Advertising Use Case

Let’s explain a use case to describe how AI advertising is implemented on Ad Platforms.

Do you know about pragmatic marketing?

Put simply, you use software to buy digital advertising to run pragmatic advertisements. For instance, you use Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat these days to control your advertisements. On such platforms, AI decides how your expenses get used, you select the audience and demographics of your choice, choose for how long, and how efficient your overall campaigns should be. The platforms even let you check how well the ad is performing, the relevance score, and if it’s time to stop it or what.

Take Facebook, it uses machine learning to receive new data without any programming and performs complex tasks efficiently for you. As well as it uses ML to help you with the ad quality score and estimated action rate.

How to use Facebook for AI Advertising

There are 8 simple steps to get started with Machine Generated Content (MCG) for AI advertising:

  1. Find a platform
  2. Hire fewer people
  3. Attention, benefit, CTA
  4. Aim for a strong dozen to test
  5. Optimize for a meaningful difference
  6. Crack the code, then invest
  7. Hire brand managers
  8. Faster and cheaper mobile-first asset

While we were doing some research on the web, we found dozens of reasons told by experts why humans can’t perform Facebook ads better than machines. We thought why not share those with you too, today. Experts tell that:

  • People don’t compare
  • People form preferences
  • People don’t accept a change
  • People form blank areas
  • People pursue benefits
  • People create hierarchies
  • Most people are bad at math
  • People follow the crowd
  • People become uptight

How do machines perform it well? Experts tell that:

  • Machines never stop learning
  • Machines follow the rules
  • Machines can produce faster ads
  • Machines can produce quality ads
  • Machines can control the costs
  • Machines are more flawless

In AI advertising, machines can do it better than humans so trust a machine to start working with it. And once AI is incorporated, it can do wonders for you.

AI and human for advertising

How to Create and Manage Facebook Ads that Convert

In AI and advertising, Facebook delivers two tailor-made solutions for you:

  1. Ad auction
  2. Audience targeting

So machine learning in the above perspectives helps you in making your ads perform well. For instance, if an individual does not pay any attention to your ad, your ad will receive a low estimated action rate. Similarly, if your ad is performing well, it will generate a high estimated action rate. Hence, Facebook will automatically focus on this one.

All you have to do is optimize ads for the AI used by Facebook and then insert a third-party AI tool to help you with the creation and management stages.

So, are you ready to create ads using AI and advertising? Very well!


Aayan Arif

Content Strategist at vteams - Aayan has over 8 years of experience of working with multiple industries.

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