Start-up Software Company Acquired By its Competitor

In Need of Additional PHP Developer to Complete Platform Merge

In 2012, a group of hardworking software developers launched MicroD, a provider of e-commerce solutions for the furniture industry. But they didn’t remain a start-up for long as they were purchased just six months later by their largest competitor, Channel Redefined.

Happy about the acquisition, life went on as usual for the former MicroD team except for one thing. Channel Redefined wanted to merge the MicroD development into their existing product. Overall, this was good news as it meant more work and numerous clients. However, in order to complete the project, they would need to bring on another developer. And so Kevan Kay, one of MicroD’s founding partners was tasked with finding a qualified contractor they could afford.

Solution: No Contract, Off-Shore Developer Gets to Work

Now Mr. Kay was a developer himself, and knew his team wouldn’t be able to afford the rates charged by local talent. The acquisition was still being finalized and they had to manage their own fees until its completion and so he turned to off-shore developers who were affordable and yet still qualified.  “There were many variables here at MicroD which was now Channel Redefined,” said Kay. “We were looking for capacity without much commitment. Plus we weren’t even sure what code we would have the developer working on.”

And so, Kay searched online for a developer and discovered vteams met their price point without compromising on qualifications.  After speaking with a Connecticut based account executive, he was even more convinced. Soon an introduction call was planned between the development manager, the U.S. based account manager, and Kay himself. From there the developer got to work and tasks were completed on schedule and according to specifications.

What are the Problems and Benefits to Using Remote Contractors?

Working with someone located remotely can be challenging, and Kay admits even though the tasks were being completed, he couldn’t help but wonder when his developer was working. However, if you have ever worked with vteams you’ll soon realize they are sticklers for this type of communication.

“The client and developer relationship should be a seamless one,” said Fahad Shakeel, vteams Client Services Manager.  “Our developers are required to speak and write fluent English, but most of all we encourage schedules to be established during the initial project call. This way the client gets a chance to set protocols and know they can check in with their developer during U.S. workday hours.”

Kay admits he could have delved into the issue further, but overall didn’t think it was necessary. “My developer always managed to find something to do on the nights I fell asleep and forgot to send an e-mail with project instructions. “He would go ahead and test code, and clean up when he could have just done nothing.”

Results: A PHP Project Well Done

As you can see, staying connected is a priority for this software development services company. And if given the opportunity again, Mr. Kay would work with his vteam again and again.