IFM Systems

IFM System East is a system that improves short and long-term business performances by streamlining invoices and bill collection while eliminating accounting errors, minimizing record-keeping redundancy, and ensuring compliance with tax and accounting regulations. It helps personnel to quantify budget planning, offering flexibility, and expandability to accommodate change and growth.

Niche Academy

Niche Academy is a tool for creating elegant online training experiences. It makes things easier for instructors as well as learners. Niche Academy also provides ready-to-use tutorials for specialized needs. Niche Academy provides tutorials that teach people how to use library e-Resources like eBooks, research databases, and language learning tools. Niche Academy also provides professional development tutorials for library staff. Using Niche Academy, customers have created hundreds of their own tutorials and shared them for peers to use or adapt within their own online academies. Niche Academy is built on top of MEAN stack and involves usage of lots of APIs like Quickbooks, Hubspot and having integration tests that involve usage of Selenium Web Drivers and cypress-io, stripe for payments. Niche Academy provides ready-to-use tutorials for the most commonly used library electronic resources. As these resources evolve over time, Niche Academy updates the tutorials. The first public library customer of Niche Academy was Idaho Falls Public Library. Now Niche Academy serves hundreds of library systems around the world, and it will remain committed to the success of each one.

Score CEO

ScoreCEO is a credit repair software that has exclusive features that can easily handle many aspects of businesses, saving their valuable time that better be spent winning more clients. It facilitates different roles such as Enterprise, Credit Repair Officers, Agents, and end-user for their credit repair inquiry.

Lights Control Using IOT

Description Software-enabled lighting controls, enabled by the smart lighting and Internet of Things (IoT) evolution, will be a game-changer in the world of lighting and will ultimately transform the industry. A project was developed to control the in-house lights. By using relay, a controller board send a signal to light the bulb as it receives a signal from web server.