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Android Application for an Inquiry Management System

  • Post published:October 28, 2015

vteam #334 was hired to work on the SmartSIS application system. It is an inquiry management solution that manages the inquiries coming from variety of sources, including website inquiry form, external marketing websites and inquiry providers.  It was designed and developed for Living Arts College as they offer creative and medical courses to graduate students.

To market their appearance in the area and get the business, their marketing department visits different schools and conducts seminars for undergraduate students. During a seminar, marketing staff asks students to fill up a paper ‘form’ so that they can collect students’ contact information and their interests in creative or medical courses after the completion of their graduation. All paper forms are collected and taken back to office at end of schools tour.

Marketing department, then maintains a spreadsheet by reading all forms and submits that spreadsheet to online inquiry management system “SmartSIS“. This system then defines the workflow for auto-execution of these newly imported records, schedules email notifications and sends SMS messages regarding courses and different offerings.


Student data collection procedure is totally manual and it takes so many days for compilation before the data import into SmartSIS system. Sometimes, marketing department has two weeks long schedule for different schools visits. During this manual process, so many forms are rejected due to the spelling mistakes or poor handwriting.


As a solution, vteams engineer builds an android application known as “Event Enrollment” using Apache Cordova, AngularJS and ionic framework. This App provides the functionality to:

  • Define events
  • Fill up registration form for a particular event/seminar
  • Publish all registration records to Server
  • Define event at one android tablet
  • Synchronize events with other android tablets

With the help of this application, marketing staff schedules their school visit plan by defining events and then synchronize them with the android devices of all staff members.

During a seminar at a particular school, an android tablet is handed over to a student. Staff asks him/her to fill up a registration form and then pass it to the next student in a row. At the end of seminar, only a click is required at “Publish“. All students’ records are uploaded to SmartSIS system instantly.