Revamped A Private Social Networking Application Using Social Engine

  • Post published:August 6, 2015


Team span: May 2015 to June 2015
Duration: 1 month
Technology: PHP 5.5/MySQL, HTML5, jQuery, MooTools, Git, SocialEngine
Development Manager: Mobeen Zafar
Engineer: Shoukat Hayat
Reason for closure: Successful Project Completion

vteam #549 was assigned a project of private social networking application based on family pedigree. Using this application, family members can contact each other and share the stuff like pictures/videos and can chat with each other including all other major community features. This web based private social networking application will contain family history pages and users will also have their own account pages. Users themselves created these family history pages like LinkedIn, but over this private network. Users of this application can also add and find contacts.

Previously this application was developed on Drupal CMS but now client wanted vteam #549 to build it again from scratch. Our team developed this web based application in social engine with a basic theme. This network hub included the following list of features:

  • Tagging: User can add tags to his profile, can create a custom tagging widget for user profile section and based on those tags, a list of actions can be performed. For example, suggesting the pages to like/comment based on their profile tags.
  • Private Communication Pages: Pages section was created so that users/admin can create private communication pages between families. Directory listing plugin was also added and it was customized as per client requirements.
  • Chat: Chat module was integrated so that chat could be done with friends in the list. Chat could only be done with the users who allowed chat in their profile section.
  • Messaging: Private Inbox messaging feature was also added for users to send messages to Offline friends.
  • User Accounts Management: User management includes sign up, log in, forgot password, privacy settings, notification settings options.
  • Storage: User would have limited access as per his account level and packages that he selected for his profile.
  • Picture Gallery: A user can create albums for different events and upload images in it. It also includes more features such as share/like/comment on a picture/album.
  • Payment Integration: Paypal payment method was integrated for payment system. Also different packages were added for different membership levels.
  • Family History JavaScript Files Integration To Individual Accounts: Feature like a person’s wall where user can upload the files that will only be visible to his friends. Other options can be added as group wall “Family group”.
  • Ads: A section where admin can add ads that will be visible for users.