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Closure Report: Lost a client because our estimate was not good enough!

  • Post published:November 12, 2013


Team span: January 2013 to February 2013
Duration: 1 week
Technology: Magento
Development Manager: Mobeen Zafar
Engineers: Hammad Ali
Reason for closure: Estimate was not good

In the world of IT Outsourcing, it pays to be honest with clients. It’s why vteams offer free trial periods to ensure our engineers are capable of performing the work expected on behalf of the client.

Here’s a good example. Last week, one of our clients agreed to a week-long trial for Magento engineers. The purpose of the free trial was to determine the total scope of work and deliver a  completion estimate. Our engineers predicted 31 days to finalize the project, while a competitor came in at five days.  We lost the deal and our free trial was brought to a close.

It’s hard to lose to the competition, but in this case, we also won because we learned some valuable feedback from our client in that the engineers supplied weren’t right for the job. The client appreciated the trial period  too as they got to know the candidate’s expertise level prior to hiring. It’s good to be able to offer this type of assurance to clients, as you never know when another opportunity will arise. What else did we get out of the situation? Be sure to get an estimated approval on fixed bids in advance of team start-up.

In the end, we stayed well connected to our client, and communication remains strong.  And to that we are grateful for the opportunity and will continue to learn where we can improve as an IT outsourcing provider.