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Designing A Platform To Grow Businesses While Helping Causes.

  • Post published:October 3, 2014

Closure-Report---vteam-no.392 SYNOPSIS:

Team span: August 2013 to June 2014
Duration: 10 Months
Technology: PHP 5.3/MySQL, OSCommerce, jQuery, SailThru, GitHub.
Development Manager: Atta-ur-Rehman
Engineer: Muhammad Rashid
Reason for closure: Successful Project Completion

Ethical consumption as a movement in which to grow businesses and markets!

Socially conscious or “green” consumers are a large and growing market. Building a cloud––or Software as a Service (SaaS)––as a One-Stop Shop for ethical consuming offers a huge opportunity for marketing, sales and data retention. vteam #392 created such a platform in the Cloud, in which users could choose between thousands of vendors and create new “movements” to promote, all on a single application with a single configuration for all users and vendors.

Tools & Technologies used: OSCommerce/CRELoaded, jQuery, PHP5, MySQL, XHTML/CSS, AJAX, Social APIs (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail Contacts, Pinterest and Instagram), SailThru (Marketing API) and GitHub.

Features developed for the client:

“Movements” Feature: Users can create a movement for a cause. Every movement encourages users to buy products that will result in a portion of revenues being donated to that cause.

SailThru API: Users browse products that fit their lifestyles. If a brand wants to start marketing around a cause, it generates an email informing all its registered users.

Design Modifications: The admin panel was designed so vendors could review their products, customer orders, payment information, inquiries and complaints. We upgraded the front end design and functionality. Homepage modules were also upgraded.

Dashboard & Landing Page: Each brand has its own dashboard and landing page to manage available products and customer interactions.

Braintree Payment Gateway: Used for the checkout process, it charges service fees for each brands’ transactions. Service fees transfer in real time to the master merchant account and the remainder will be transferred to each brand’s sub-merchant account.

Integration of Social APIs & Causes Categorization: We integrated social APIs into this platform and categorized 15 causes. Users can easily choose any of these while creating a “New Movement.”

During our vteam’s ten month tenure, we fixed bugs, refactored code, did performance tuning and managed the servers all prior to completing the project.