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Closure Report: vteam #441. Unfit for vteams

  • Post published:May 8, 2014


Team span: April 2014 to May 2014
Duration: 1 Month
Technology: .Net
Development Manager: Ishaq Muhammad
Engineer: Salman Niaz
Reason for closure: Unfit for vteams

Client of vteam #441 came to us in need of a Sr. .NET engineer. The client had several different sport websites and needed a developer for support with the existing development and new development. During our initial analysis process (360 Review) the client was extremely verbal in their desire to retain a very capable Sr. level engineer due to the capabilities that were required, however as the team took off the situation proved much different. Almost 3 – 4 hours a day was spent on phone calls and Skype chats in debate. The client demonstrated course, abrasive communication as well as dis-respect. Following these discussions the client then demanded credit for the unproductive time spent on the call. This is not acceptable or tolerated at vteams. Our developers are the backbone of our organization and come with great abilities. We offer a partnership, which deserves a level of comradery that sometimes is unattainable with certain clients.

A Sr. level .NET developer brings not only the knowledge of writing code but the understanding over best practices and development processes. This is where dis-connect occurred. The engineer saw many examples of how the code could be improved and offered his suggestions on these areas. The client was not interested, which is fine. What was not fine was the fact that the client took the suggestions as weakness due to the idea or suggestion being different from the clients understanding and/or knowledge.

The developer demonstrated initiative to improve the application code. He made a separate CSS folder to manage style sheets properly to improve application code structure but due to some already developed deployment package, the client faced an issue during deployment. The client did understand the benefit in the end but not before blasting the developer on a three hour call. Client requested credit for the time on the call.

The client had no VSS/TFS setup for the source code version and was working with a manual version control mechanism for many years with multiple developers working on same copy. Our developer had to track the files modified for a specific task based on a manual system where files needed to be placed from one location to another for deployment, due to which the copying of one of the files was missed one time. The result; the client suspended the developer and demanded two days of calls with our Management team. The final factor was a requested credit for the two days of no work.

The developer was not allowed to access the staging machine and environment. Due to which the developer was unable to track bugs/issues. The client accused the developer of putting bugs in the code and bad SQL Script which in the end proved incorrect.

The developer requested to provide an FTP to avoid delays in large files transfer but was denied and forced to use copying/pasting from his remote machine (in US) to local machine (in PK) using RDC. The client was unable to understand why the transfer was taking more time to transfer large files when he was able to complete the transfer within a few minutes using his own network.

Vteams decided to terminate the relationship with the client and place the developer on a new project that allowed him to excel and demonstrate his exceptional skills set.