You are currently viewing Closure Report: vteam #417. Nothing went according to plan.

Closure Report: vteam #417. Nothing went according to plan.

  • Post published:October 28, 2013


Team span: October 2013 to October 2013
Duration: 18 Days
Technology: PHP
Development Manager: Saadat Ali
Engineers: Kashif Mehmood, Waqas Ahmed
Reason for closure: Mis-communication from Client end.

Today at vteams we came away from a project a bit wiser and short two engineers because they did not meet the expectations of the client, nor did they handle the project task as we would expect.  In this particular situation we placed  two qualified programmers for a difficult project in which they were given five to six days to learn the client’s code. Our engineers were then presented with a flexible task list from which to start the project. Immediately there were problems however, as one of the engineers selected a task beyond his scope of work. Now, while questions were asked and resolved, it was already too late to rectify the situation. As it stood, the client was left with an impression of incompetency, especially since engineer number two had a malfunctioning system unknown to the Development Manager.

As an IT outsourcing company, we take pride in our successes but also realize there will be instances where a project doesn’t meet expectations. Unfortunately it’s the nature of the business and sometimes these mistakes can be out of our control. However, what we can control is our response to the client’s complaints. In this particular situation we made strides by refunding the client’s deposit. But there are other lessons we can take away from this problem including one in which we offer the client a free trial in order to better understand project variables. We have also made changes when it comes to miscommunication. For example, our engineers ran into trouble at the project start which is a sure sign they weren’t the caliber of workers we want for our clients. It’s a tough lesson to learn, but one we are willing to benefit from in the end.