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Closure Report: vteam #327. Corporate Cloud Storage Application

  • Post published:May 20, 2013


Team span: February 2012 to May 2013
Duration: 1 year & 3 months
Technology: PHP / HTML Frames/e-Commerce
Development Manager: Asim Zeeshan
Engineer: Sharafat Ali
Reason for closure: Project successfully completed

Team #360 was started to rescue an incomplete cloud storage application. Our client had worked with three other companies before vteams but the app was still not complete. The application provides web based cloud storage for corporate customers.

Our initial charter was to work on the following:

  •     Auditing and fixing any security issues
  •     Implementing Payment gateway (e-Commerce)
  •     Helping him get PCI-Compliance
  •     Fixing design and layout issues
  •     Probably getting rid of the HTML Frames

We put one engineer [Sharafat] on the team and successfully completed the application in May 2013. Our client was pretty happy with the result. He closed vteam #360 but still uses our services for maintenance and upkeep of his software.