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Closure Report: vteam #209. Launch Failure

  • Post published:March 26, 2014


Team span: May 2013 to May 2013
Duration: 1 week
Technology: Zend PHP
Development Manager: Mobeen Zafar
Engineers: Abu Siddik
Reason for closure: Wrong Engineer for the wrong budget.

vteam #209 started out as a free trial. Our client [a return customer] was on a tight budget. We setup Abu on his team, who was a junior programmer. During the free trial, Abu finished 3 out of 5 tasks assigned to him as a test. The client was happy. But at the end of the free trial, he didn’t want to continue. He raised concern about Abu’s lack of experience. He wanted us to provide a much more experienced programmer for the same rate he was quoted for Abu. We could not do that.

So much for the story of vteam #209.