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Closure Report – Symphonic Distribution Systems

  • Post published:January 5, 2021

Team span: Feb 2015 to May 2020

Duration: 5Years and 3Months

Development Manager: Asim Zeeshan

Team lead: Moin Adnan

QA: Amna Sherazi

vteams# 355

Reason for closure: Successful Completion of the Project

Project Summary

Symphonic Distribution is a company that is known for the management of music labels and helps artists to launch their labels. It successfully helps in the distribution, marketing, and monetization of those music labels. Since the company has risen to a significant position, and it is continuously growing. vteams had the chance to witness its transition since our development team worked on the technical side, backend and website development. Our expert QA team and technical resources helped in the maintenance and support seamlessly and throughout its closure stage.

Here we will be quickly going over the used technologies and the transition from the beginning till the end. Although it’s nearly impossible to cover 5 years in a few words, hence we have prepared this short report for you.

Please move along and have a look at it.


In addition to the main technologies that were successfully used and deployed for the symphonic distribution system. There were also sub-projects and modules inculcated as per the client’s demand, which includes Dubspeed and Topple Track. So, we have gathered the amazing technology stack that resulted in the ultimate success of this project.

Here are some of the technologies that were used:

Worked onDubseedTopple TRACKSymphonic Distribution Product (Beta )Symphonic Distribution
Technologies usedRuby 2.1.2, Rails 4.1.0, PostgreSQL 9.6.3, Git, AngularJS 1.5.3, Bootstrap, Amazon RDS, Elastic Beanstalk, Bash scripting, FTP, Payment Gateway (Stripe)Ruby On Rails-4, HTML 5, Postgresql, Coffescript, Ruby-2.3.0, git hub, AWS, Google custom search API, Paypal,Stripe Omniauth, Bootstrap, Amazon AWS,Flatty,Mysql,Haml, Sidekiq, and CapistranoPHP5, MySQL, jQuery, Yii2 Framework, FTP, SCP, S3, git, Social API’s, PHPunit, Codeception, Shell Scripting, ffmpeg, XML, Scrum, Paypal, StripePHP5, MySQL, jQuery, Zend Framework, FTP, SCP, Git, Social API’s, PHPunit, Codeception, Shell Scripting, ffmpeg, XML, Scrum, Python script. Paypal, Stripe.

Method for the project

They say, there is a method to the madness and we agree. One cannot just go along with the development process without having a sound plan for a project on such a large scale.

It is important to mention that for a seamless workflow and productivity, the team used agile ways to save time and keep track of the process, such as using SCRUM.

At the very start of the project, we defined the goals as shared by our client and the objectives defined by the team to reach the final completion.


The time gap between the U.S. team and the Pakistan team. The language barrier was also a point of concern during this team. However, the time challenge was met by accommodating the client as per his convenience and time zone.

Performance Analysis – Lessons Learned

Maintenance, QA, and upkeep of the project with additional modules. We have done all for this project and therefore our team of dedicated developers stayed through several stages of this project till its closing point.

Learned technical skills during this project:

  • API Testing- To meet a set of expectations for reliable functionality, performance, and security.
  • Security Testing – to make sure all the security standards were being followed.
  • Load and Performance – to sure the proper functionality after deployment and updates

Project Outcome

It would be unfair on our part if we claim that the 5 years can be summed up in few words. But, we would say that it was a “WIN-WIN” not only for our valued client who trusted us with his dream. But our team’s performance got better and better to achieve all the set goals. Hence the outcome was a highly functioning project with the right modules. The deep analysis and risk testing by the team paved the way to curtail any future errors.

To conclude
Last but not the least, our client has been a big help that contributed to the success of this project. Close communication, team coordination, and the right use of technology resulted in bringing out the intended results for this project.
Moreover, all the modules and sub-projects were completed on time. The extended services for QA continued on the client’s demand. The best thing about this project was the close coordination, that testing used to always start right after any deployment.