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10 Most Highest Paid Jobs in Artificial Intelligence

  • Post published:August 17, 2021

What are the most in-demand AI jobs? What are the highest paying jobs in artificial intelligence? Is AI a good career? What jobs will disappear by 2030? Are manual jobs at risk? Can AI replace all jobs? 

Get answers to all of these questions in our guide!

Artificial Intelligence and Your Future

“Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, are all moving ahead and I had a great speed in improving this artificial intelligence software so it’s very exciting. Software is going to solve that where it will look at all the new information and present to you knowing about your interests what would be most valuable to make us more efficient. Artificial intelligence is going to be extremely helpful and the risk that it gets super smart, that’s way out in the future and probably we are talking about. But now what we are seeing is that for the first time computers can see as well as humans and that’s pretty incredible.”

This is Bill Gates talking about Artificial Intelligence.

What Jobs Will Disappear by 2030?

Gary Marcus, Demons Hassabis, Nick Bostrom, Fei-Fei Li are a few greatest minds that have turned the world upside down by applying Artificial Intelligence in everyday operations for better productivity. They all have monumental careers in the world of AI, are somewhat known as celebrities, and are the most influential people in the artificial intelligence aeon.

Do you want to become like them? We are going to unveil the most in-demand AI jobs for you to finally begin your career as an AI specialist.

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Most in-demand AI Jobs

1- Data Scientists

The sharp rise of data scientists is quite notable around this period. Certainly, it is classified among highly-paid careers that present you with heaps of opportunities.

If you become a data scientist, you will be responsible for collecting, examining, and deciphering extremely large amounts of data. Your average base pay would be $115,491/yr.

2- Senior AI Software Engineer

If you choose this as a career, you will deliver AI enterprise software projects. This is included in the most in-demand AI Jobs that could earn you about $152,991/yr.

3- Machine Learning Engineer

An ML engineer designs and creates AI algorithms competent enough of learning and making predictions.

Did you know that an ML engineer earns about $147,807/yr in the United States?

What are the most in-demand AI jobs?

4- Data Engineer

An IT operator whose basic tasks are to establish and systematize data for analytic or operating purposes is a data engineer. Alone in the US, he can easily make $148,441/yr.

5- AI Architect

As per research that came out last year, it was predicted that an AI architect would become one of the most in-demand AI Jobs in 2021. Today, IT architecture is a substantial part of the technology industry.

Delivering tangible solutions for the clients is anticipated from an AI architect as well as producing, maintaining architectures using prominent AI frameworks.

An Architect earns about $160,000 per year.

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6- Full-stack AI Developer

As the scopes about AI and Data Science widen, findings solutions are becoming more complex. This is why the need for a full-stack AI developer is growing.

As a full-stack AI developer, you will have a shot to create and form ground-breaking AI applications that proffer mensurable business value to the clients. You can easily get $96,175 – $112,849 in the US.

What are the most in-demand AI jobs and their salary?

7- Principal AI Engineer

The roles of this individual include scheming and developing robust solutions using AI tools and ML models. Furthermore, they carry out research & testing to design ML algorithms and predictive models.

If you choose this as a profession, your salary range will typically fall between $107,423 and $135,727/yr.

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Is AI a Good Career?

From self-driving cars, robotic helpers to machine-driven disease interpretation, AI has granted you extraordinary benefits in this century. Is AI really the world’s greatest future technology? Unquestionably it is!

It is evident that AI will change the future. AI experts are wanted! You can judge this from our above talk about the most in-demand AI jobs. This is a good time to embark on a career in artificial intelligence in view of the fact that the following industries want more and more people:

  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Media
  • Customer Service

Are you still thinking if AI is a good career? Choose one of the above-mentioned most in-demand AI jobs today!

Is AI a Good Career?

What Jobs Will Disappear by 2030?

It has been observed and surveyed that the following jobs will either become automated or obsolete by the year 2030 and AI has everything to do with it.

Let’s learn about those jobs:

  1. Tour Broker
  2. Banker/Cashier
  3. Fast Food Chef
  4. Postman
  5. Bank Clerk
  6. Textile worker
  7. Printing Press Technician
  8. Referee
  9. Retail Jeweler
  10. Courier
  11. Woodcutter
  12. Telemarketer
  13. Fisherman
  14. Legal Secretary
  15. Assembler
What Jobs Will Disappear by 2030?

Are you in a disappearing career? Well, you will find it out by 2030!

Can AI Replace All Jobs? 

Based on a report from the World Economic Forum, 85 million jobs will be automated by the year 2025. So yes, AI will replace some jobs, not all. You can say that others are either remain or will be created afresh, owing to AI.