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Php Cookbook: Learn Something New

  • Post published:July 2, 2021

Were you searching for PHP latest updates? Did you land on our website from the web while searching for PHP’s latest version features? Maybe it was accidental, but, you have surely landed on the right platform. vteams know everything about PHP.

If you are a new developer who’s looking to gain some knowledge about PHP or a company that’s looking to hire a top PHP developer, we can take care of both of your needs. You can learn so much from our engineers as well as recruit the top software development talent that is well versed with OOP concepts, also know much about Database concepts, Logic Building Approach, Requirement Engineering Concepts, Application Architecture, and Engineering Concepts.

Were you searching for PHP’s latest updates?

PHP is a very famous programming language and with PHP latest updates it is more convenient than ever. It is also a very old one. You would notice that dozens of websites are built using this language. We can name a few for you: Yahoo, Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress, Mailchimp, Flicker, and many more are designed on it. If we have to list down the reasons why PHP is renowned, then these would be the core ones:

  1. Improved Codebase
  2. WordPress is based on PHP
  3. It’s easy to learn
  4. Extensive community
  5. Fastest code run
  6. Dynamic content support, database support, session tracking
  7. Build a complete eCommerce site using PHP
  8. Popular database integration: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and Microsoft SQL Server
  9. The larger ecosystem of users
  10. Design clean applications

But, what’s the newest version of PHP? What are its core features? Let’s talk about these:

  • PHP Latest Updates
  • PHP Latest version features
PHP Latest Updates

PHP Latest Updates

Do you want to know why PHP latest updates are important for you? If you want your websites to work faster and better than ever, keeping them updated is the key. So, keep your WordPress, themes, and PlugIns up to the minute. Because your goal is to rank 1st on Google.

Now, let’s talk about the benefits of keeping PHP fresh:

  1. PHP’s latest stable version is efficient. It will keep your website up and running all the time. It will also give you 3 to 4x faster speed.
  2. Security is your concern, and it has always been a significant matter to you. PHP has a background in providing greater security. So, all the older versions of PHP are not that supportive when comes to targeting hackers.
PHP Latest Updates 8

PHP Latest version features

PHP 8.00 is what’s trending in PHP. It was released on July 1st, 2021, and made available to the public on an immediate basis by the PHP community. If you have not yet upgraded to this version, we recommend you do it now.

PHP’s latest updates consist of several features and optimizations for instance:

Named Argumentshtmlspecialchars($string, double_encode: false);
Union Typesclass PostsController
    #[Route("/api/posts/{id}", methods: ["GET"])]
    public function get($id) { /* ... */ }

Attributesclass Point {
  public function __construct(
    public float $x = 0.0,
    public float $y = 0.0,
    public float $z = 0.0,
  ) {}

Constructor Property Promotionclass Number {
public function __construct(
private int|float $number
) {}
new Number('NaN'); // TypeError
Match Expressionsecho match (8.0) {
  '8.0' => "Oh no!",
  8.0 => "This is what I expected",
//> This is what I expected

Nullsafe Operator$country = $session?->user?->getAddress()?->country;
Saner String to Number Comparisons0 == 'foobar' // false
Consistent Type Error for Internal Functionsstrlen([]); // TypeError: strlen(): Argument #1 ($str) must be of type string, array given
array_chunk([], -1); // ValueError: array_chunk(): Argument #2 ($length) must be greater than 0
Just-in-time CompilationPHP uses two engines here: 
Tracking JIT
Function JIT

So, How To Update The PHP version to PHP 8.0?

As we said earlier, PHP’s latest stable version is 8.0. It requires you around 10 steps to update it. We presume to make a second series of PHP Latest Updates and we will solely talk about how to migrate to PHP 8.0. 

PHP cookbook is not only about covering the PHP Latest version features. There is so much we want to cover in it. We will also add PHP FAQs in other series. All we want is to help you gain in-depth knowledge of PHP and resolve any issues that could arise in your career as a PHP developer.