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Key Skills to know before you Hire PHP Developers

  • Post published:September 2, 2020

It is a very important decision when you have to hire PHP developers and hiring developers in general. You have to hire the right developer or a dedicated team of developers, as it can be assessed with the top core technical skills.

What defines a great skillful developer? There are skills that vary from junior, senior, and then highly experienced developers. You can assess the developers based on your business needs and the required skill set.

Here are some of the skills that you need to look for while hiring PHP developers.

Top Technical Skills that your project needs – Hire PHP developer

We asked our developer to share some of the skills, that are often seen in top developers. Here are some of the skills, that are reflected in resumes of experienced developers to get your work done on time and on-demand.

  1. It is required from a top experienced PHP developer to have command over object-oriented programming. It means having the know-how of structured coding that shows how everything is connected form classes to structure and then to deployment as you commit the code.
  2. A PHP developer should be aware of the standards for code writing. That way your project is not just abandoned or thrown, it will have a track record.
  3. A developer should be aware of the usage of source version control such as Git. It will also help with the safe code logic. Confidentiality is maintained, and the code remains safe.
  4. Multiple domains knowledge such as familiar with Laravel, Symphony, Wii, WordPress, Laravel, or CodeIgnitor.
  5. Developer should have a strong grip over the PHP language in general.
  6. Using SSH for the command-line interface is also preferred, to make a secure and encrypted connection and communicate with the server. For instance, if you have to transfer or migrate data between two different networks.
  7. It is stressed to have knowledge of MySQLi, PHP v7.0+ in order to attain a better understanding of the previous versions.
  8. Should be aware of Communicating with the server using FTP, sFTP, or CPanel.
  9. It is considered an amazing thing to have knowledge of Front-end languages, scripts, frameworks, and libraries like BootStrap4, jQuery, HTML CSS3.
  10. Who doesn’t like a bonus? Well, similarly a PHP developer having hands-on experience in libraries like React or Angular is preferred by recruiters.
  11. In addition to this, the technical knowledge of the Model View Controller (MVC) and Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) is added to the list.
  12. Some basic skills are needed for a developer to be aware of the UI/UX skills, and to use tools.
  13. They should have experience of using some essential tools such as Xampp and Wamp to maintain security.
  14. How much time and effort you can save? If you can hire a developer that helps you do the testing, deploy the code, and finally assist you to run it successfully. You can have a cost-effective solution instead of hiring a complete QA team.

We understand that it is often difficult for people with nontechnical backgrounds to make a fair assessment while hiring skilled employees especially when its a remote team.

With the help of our technical team, we have compiled some technical interview questions to hire PHP developers. You may check this to get help and hire your dream team. Are you excited to build your next rockstar project?

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Look for soft skills before you Hire PHP Developer

  • Developers should be able to manage time and deliver projects within the Time estimation for completion.
  • Workflow and how the project will proceed till it reaches its final deployment stage and running.
  • Flexible in learning new technology stack, new concepts, and adjusts to your vision.
  • Excellent communication skills to understand client’s requirements, report regularly, and gather information efficiently.
  • Have a creative and logical approach to create their own unique code and avoid any duplication.

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What the market is selling? What are the market demands? The ability to understand the scope of the project and what the client is looking for makes a developer great.

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