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Top 5 PHP Frameworks in 2021

  • Post published:January 7, 2021

Do you know the top PHP frameworks? Before you jump into your next PHP Project, make sure to read this blog and find out the best PHP frameworks.

The world of PHP is quite diverse partly because of its paramount popularity among web developers and partly because there are a lot of flexible frameworks that can be used in the development process. But the question occurs, why do you even need a PHP Framework? Well, frameworks are normally used by web developers for a wide range of reasons. The first and foremost being that it offers a fast-paced development process. Frameworks essentially provide a way for developers to use fewer lines of code, automation of web-related tasks, and simplification of web maintenance.

However, each framework has its own set of advantages and it’s important that you use one according to your project needs. Here’s a list of top 5 PHP frameworks in 2021:

1) Laravel:

No surprises here. Laravel has almost become synonymous with PHP development due to its features and popularity. Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that uses restful routing and a low server overhead. Its basic application lies in the model-view-controller architecture pattern that makes web development a fast and seamless process. It is a server-side PHP framework and is considered as a backend development framework. It allows a tight-knit data migration which can be a complete hassle if accomplished without a framework.

Top 5 PHP Frameworks in 2021 1

It has a robust set of tools and built-in functions that allow developers to carry out processes with minimum hassle. For example, Forge is a Laravel tool that uses PHP servers and automates deployment. It is also used in the configuration process of web applications making the process quite easy. Last but not the least, Laravel has an expansive developer community so if help is needed, it’s just a click away.

2) Zend:

Zend has its name cemented firmly in the best PHP frameworks list. The best feature of Zend is its undeniable consistency in design when it comes to object-oriented programming. Obviously, features such as code reusability make it viable for developers to use this framework in serious development projects with efficiency. One of the best features of Zend however is its ability to extend functionalities so that external libraries can be tapped resourcefully.

Top 5 PHP Frameworks in 2021 2

Zend too is an open-source framework with multi-functional aspects as it offers a safe path for fast development. Its flexible structure and the ability to extend functionalities across other libraries open room for innovation and higher productivity.

3) CodeIgniter:

The next on our list of top PHP frameworks is CodeIgniter. It’s a framework that is well-known for its utility and ease of use. It comes with thorough yet simplified documentation which allows ease of use and understanding. If you’re looking to create a lightweight and scalable application then CodeIgniter might be the perfect PHP framework for accomplishing this.

Top 5 PHP Frameworks in 2021 3

One of the essential features of CodeIgniter is that it needs almost no configuration and no large-scale monolithic libraries. Furthermore, CodeIgniter is compatible with standard hosting and is open source. With almost zero restrictions on coding rules, the framework might be one of the most flexible in the PHP Frameworks list.

4) CakePHP:

CakePHP is an open-source web framework, following the model-view-controller approach. Written completely in PHP and delivered for Ruby on Rails, the benefits of CakePHP are profound. This also has a simplified form of documentation and after its thorough analysis, you should be able to get a hang of it completely.

Top 5 PHP Frameworks in 2021 4

Being an open-source PHP framework, CakePHP offers superior compatibility. With clearly defined coding conventions, CakePHP offers a swift development process. Also, features such as seamless database administration and security make it one of the best PHP frameworks in 2021.

5) Symfony:

Symfony, powered by MVC Architecture is an open-source PHP framework with amazing functionalities. If you’re looking to build high-performance complex web applications, then Symfony is the perfect option to start your proceedings. It has all the tools to build the most complex applications. All tasks such as Templating, Form Config, and Validator all provide a solid set of tools for complex application development.

Top 5 PHP Frameworks in 2021 5

Symfony is proven to provide easier maintainability of your applications for the long run. With elements such as high flexibility and a proven record of reliability, Symfony stands out from the rest.

In a Nutshell:

Laravel & Symfony are quite similar to each other as both are equally popular and are used for building scalable apps. Don’t think of this list of PHP frameworks as having a ranking, they all have their own separate advantages and can be the best for a certain project.

Still, confused about which framework works well for you? Give us a call and we’ll clear all the confusion!