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Symfony vs Zend: A heavyweight championship

  • Post published:January 22, 2021

Symfony vs Zend is a heavyweight championship amid the two most important PHP frameworks. ‘Which is the best framework’ is a heated debate that is occurring between every PHP developer around the world. While both offer extreme benefits to the developers, they do have certain advantages and disadvantages performance and documentation wise.

If you have a website or a project that is running in PHP, you must know that it is PHP that wheels more than 80% of the global website development. Be it an emerging startup, a medium-sized company, or a large corporation, they are all seeking to have a project built in PHP using its design-friendly frameworks such as CakePHP, Zend, Yii, Laravel, and many more.

Do you seek an easy method for development?

You must be building multifaceted websites and intricate apps, to look for a simplified and sophisticated solution is your right. Zend PHP and Symfony PHP are two robust frameworks that make website building tasks easier than ever. Both have a precise set of features and provide certain functionalities that make it immensely easy for any developer to design PHP based websites and web applications.

Let’s go over a few aspects of Symfony PHP and Zend PHP Frameworks in this talk.

Symfony vs Zend: A heavyweight championship 1

PHP Frameworks: Robust and Smart

Let’s begin this conversation with Symfony PHP. Developers adore this framework for speed and flexibility. It is definitely a full-stack web framework that permits developers to design websites that can be easily maintained.

So if you are thinking to build a project using PHP frameworks, you can maintain it all by yourself but some technical knowledge is required. If you don’t have the technical ‘know-how,’ your hire resources can do that for you.

All sorts of websites, web solutions, social networks, blogs, and networks can be designed using Symfony PHP. Some famous brands have already understood the capacity of this framework. They have enjoyed the benefits of adding as many features as needed to design both simple and complex projects effectively.

Spotify, Trivago, Dailymotion, Doc Planner, and several other big brands have trusted and used this framework to design projects and solutions.

Symfony vs Zend: A heavyweight championship 2

Oppositely, the Zend PHP framework has formed countless projects, ranging from website development, application designing, to multiple services counting content management, eCommerce, web portals, entertainment websites or applications, healthcare systems, APIs, messaging services, and much more.

This framework was implemented back in the year 2004 when PHP 5 was introduced. Being an ‘open-source’ is one of the top reasons for its popularity, likewise Symfony PHP. So both of these frameworks are open-source and belong to the full stack category to language stacks.

Zend PHP is being used worldwide to develop web applications; it has scored 5.7k stars on Github with 13k repositories and 2.7k forks. Conversely, Symfony PHP has a total of 55k repositories, 24.5k stars, and 8k forks on Github.

Symfony vs Zend: A heavyweight championship 3

Symfony vs Zend

The Symfony PHP framework is used heavily across industries in comparison to Zend PHP because it offers customization options to the developers. If you want complete authority over your sites, then this PHP framework has a lot to offer. You can design custom websites and applications by adding your desired components.

Zend PHP was initially backed by Zend Technologies but as per the latest update, it has been migrated to Laminas Project. The full migration guide is here.

Symfony vs Zend: A heavyweight championship 4

Technically, the framework is not going to fully die, but no further developments will be happening anytime soon.

Symfony vs Zend: A heavyweight championship 5

The Symfony PHP is handled and sponsored by SensioLabs and this French company has innovative products, professional solutions, and custom packages to offer. What could be more beneficial than an application developed for your needs?

1- It is the best for an easy and faster web development.1- It is a highly-flexible PHP framework.
2- Its architecture is powered by MVC (Model View Controller) so you get an organized, enhanced performance, and resource deployment.2- Its easy to use and the application development is relaxed.
3- There are huge databases to support your websites content, and a broader scope for customizations.3- It is a highly-stretchy framework.
4- It is the best for rapid development.4- It doesn’t consume too much memory.
5- MVC in Zend offers extremely simplified website development and maintenance.5- Symfony has a standalone and reuseable components variety.
6- It supports the following rational databases only:MySQLPostgreSQLMS SQLOracleIBM DB26- It supports both relational and non-relational databases.
7- It has a built-in ORS (Object Relational Mapping) system.7- It uses an external ORS (Object Relational Mapping) system.


We truly believe that you should stick to a single framework and if you want our input, go for Symfony PHP. If you require a business website, do let us know because you can build with top PHP developers on their side to develop any project related to Symfony or Zend.