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Should we switch to Zoom from Skype?

  • Post published:July 15, 2020

The recent debate about “transition from Skype to zoom” has become quite popular among many businesses. It is especially important for IT companies to choose from multiple options of online video conferencing platforms such as zoom, Microsoft teams, Google meet, and Skype for business. As per recent industry insights, video conferencing is said to be worth $20 million by 2024.

When we are faced with lots of options, it is hard to make a choice. But, we can make it easier, by comparing both. It will make the transition logical, better and you can migrate to provide a better experience to your clients, employees, and customers.

What is better to choose between zoom vs skype?

Zoom is a modern video conferencing platform with cloud-based technology. It leverages you to connect with your viewers, conduct online webinars, virtual meetings, online interviews, and online classes. One of the many reasons for zoom’s popularity is that it offers innovation with new and trendy features. It is observed that people have become more inclined towards industry trends and what’s “in” in the market.

Everyone is familiar with skype and how to use it. Every business uses Skype for seamless communication experience with their employees or clients. It’s considered effective and direct with the help of instant messaging, screen sharing, audio/video calls. The purpose was to get easy communication with no disruption.

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Seeing the recent shift from skype to other innovative products, we decided to analyze the trends. So here are some of the factors, that you can compare while making your decision to shift from skype to zoom or vice versa.

Zoom vs Skype- Make your move

Remember that it’s not an ordinary pros and cons list, we have got some really incredible features from both the platform, so you can pick the one that suits your business needs.

Zoom Skype
Free/ Buy a monthly subscription for $14.99 for host Free/ Buy Skype credit to make calls anywhere.
It offers online support. skype has “on-demand” support
Meeting supports up to 100 participants It supports up to 250 participants in the meeting
Host unlimited meetings/ but zoom call ends after 60min Skype call free/ Get a subscription and add skype credit for landline and mobile calls
Available add-ons for webinars, zoom room, zoom phone, large meeting, audio conference, cloud recording, H.323/SIP Room Connector You have inbuilt features like audio and HD video calling, call recording and live subtitles, smart messaging, screen sharing, private and encrypted conversations, and make calls on cell phones.
It supports devices such as Android, iPhone, iPads, Mac, Web-based, Linux, Windows, etc. Works on every device that includes Windows, OSX, iPhone, iPad, Android, Xbox, or in your browser.
Offers products such as Meetings and Chat Rooms and Workspaces, Phone System, Video Webinars, App Marketplace. Skype Products include Meet Now, Skype Manager, Skype with Alexa, Skype for content creators, and Skype for Business.
You can get web features such as Real-Time private chats, presentation tools, and record & playback capabilities.               You can share media files, real-time chats and messaging, send SMS on mobile phones, and leave video messages.
It helps different industries such as education, government, corporate organization, and healthcare. It is designed to help large enterprises, small businesses, individual freelancers, and online remote workers.
You can control the use of a microphone and allow them access to speak at designated times during the meeting. Experience one to one video and audio calls and the color contrasts are meant for low vision users. No control over microphones can result in disruption sometimes.

Which one is best for you? Zoom vs Skype!

You can easily compare both products by looking at their features. The most inspiring of all features is that Skype and zoom equally focus on the privacy and security of their customers and data.

However, we have noticed that many organizations are looking for improvised and personalized products when it comes to conferencing tools and communication. You can make a fair comparison with the help of pricing, compatibility, additional features, and functioning.

There are many powerful features, where you can wield the power of benefits from both the platforms and tools. Online learning, online business dealing, virtual interviews, and remote work has provided a boost to the idea of having an easy and operational conferencing tool.

If you are someone who is looking to build a conferencing platform or customized app like zoom with personalized features.

Build your own conferencing system or integrate APIs into your existing system in use. We all are up for it. vteams is here to connect you with just the right resource, to create innovative solutions. Tell us today!