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Voice User Interface: Your voice is so much more

  • Post published:September 10, 2020

If you have not had a conversation with Siri or any other virtual assistant, let us tell you what’s behind those fascinating technologies.

There’s a lot of buzz around speech recognition and tech companies have taken an immense interest in it, lately.

Top tech giants, in particular, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Apple were so desperate to offer speech recognition as a feature in their electronic devices that they have successfully introduced revolutionary products that will accelerate their business value for good.

Siri, Alexa, Amazon Echo, Google Home & Assistant, Cortana, etc are their most popular voice user interface examples that are being used largely by consumers to perform routine tasks.

General awareness of voice technology

As per a survey, 90% of the respondents have issued commands to a virtual assistant at least once. Only the remaining 10% surveyed respondents were unaware of the products or devices.

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What is speech recognition?

The perfect example of speech recognition to show can be ‘YouTube video subtitles.’ If you click on the little ‘cc’ button, you can notice YouTube’s algorithm recognizing the talk and displaying it in the form of text for you to read.

So, speech recognition is a technology that recognizes the spoken words and displays them in the form of text. Again, Apple’s Siri, Google’s Alexa, and others are similar examples.

The essential difference: speech recognition vs voice recognition

Given the level of expansion, both speech and voice recognition technologies have progressed mountingly in the past few years.

As voice recognition technology can identify any individual by his voice; both refer to completely different things. Hence, knowing the difference between the two has become essential.

Speech RecognitionVoice Recognition
Function: convert spoken words into text formFunction: identify the speaking person
Purpose: Speed & accuracy to keep up with human speaker and percentage error of converted digital dataPurpose: confirm the identity of the unknown individual for security purposes

Where is voice tech heading?

Due to the rising number of smart homes and penetration of IoT, the interest towards smart speakers is estimated to reach US$19.91 billion by 2024.

Do you know what’s triggering the shift towards voice tech? Indeed, it’s the ‘changing user demands.’ In a world where Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are penetrating almost every major industry, there is an increased overall shift towards convenient living.

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The rise of voice user interface – the ultimate guide

Voice user interface is a pretty hot topic these days. Visualize in your minds how a voice user interaction between Alexa and you takes place.

— “Hey, Clarke! How can I help you?”

“Alexa, open Zillow”

— “Ok, opening Zillow app”

“Alexa, search homes between two to three bedrooms.”

— “Sure, 20 homes are available”

… And the conversation goes on unless the house is found.

Voice user interface is everywhere, in phones, televisions, smart homes, and a range of other products and likely to grow evermore. Voice user interface helps to augment user experience and it has accelerated 50% of all the searches in 2020.

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Let’s understand what voice user interface is, why is it a thing, and why is the world excited about it?

What is a Voice User Interface?

When we say your voice is so much more, it truly means ‘your connection with a device that allows you to interact with it without the need for swiping a screen, use of hands to call or text anyone, and a lot of other activities.

That’s the beauty of the voice user interface.

Did you ever try to figure out what’s so special about Fortnite? It’s not just because you can easily play it for free and absolutely on any device, but what’s makes it stunning is “The Voice”. You can engage a lot of your friends in the same battle and play like a team. So it’s not the game but actually involvement of your friends and a chance for communication.

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“A voice user interface isn’t something that’s foreign or new to be adopted.”

Mark Cuban

In a recent interview related to building voice experience, Mark Cuban said: “Now’s the time to learn it. Now is the time to experiment with it. Now it the time to start using it, because you always want to take your risks when there’s the least at stake.”


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