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7 Programming Jokes that even Programmers Fail to Understand

  • Post published:March 17, 2021

Not a programmer? Wondering this read is not for you? Even if you are not a programmer, these programming jokes will still leave you in hysterics. So worry not!

programmers laughing on Programming Jokes

Have you laughed today?

These programming jokes are for those who need a laugh today.

Do you know how hard it is to work with programmers? We are an IT company and no one knows it better than us. Indeed, writing codes and finding bugs is a dull and dry job so we decided to lighten up the mood of some developers who accidentally landed on this blog.

You dude, get ready to laugh out. The programming jokes are humoristic.

By the way, coding requires courage. So, we understand and respect your hardships. Anyways, brace yourself guys because here we share some real-life experiences turned into humorous situations from the work-life of you brave programmers working worldwide.

1- “Programmer: A machine that turns coffee into code.”

Do you drink coffee while you code? Well, stop doing that from now on haha! We are joking!

Programmers joke with coffee

2- “Programmers are like God, in disguise!”

OK, do you not kill a code and create it again?

3- “A Programmer is a poet at heart!”

What? How do you say you don’t agree? Read the picture again. You literally scribble some poetry when compiling your codes.

poetry and Programming Jokes

4- “Not a bug but a feature”

You won’t stop laughing at this one. But seriously, you programmers are creative beings.

Talking about programming jokes, the next one is older than the internet itself! Haha

Programming joke meme

5- “The other day I told my friend 10 jokes about binary. Unfortunately, he didn’t get either of them.”

Did you expect 10 jokes? Oh, come on!

The term ‘either’ in the joke means that there were 2 jokes. Meaning, the friend didn’t understand the two of them.

You must know that 10 is the binary translation of the decimal number 2. So, two jokes were told and none of the two were understood by the friend.

Programming Joke

6- “Why does a Java Developer wear glasses?”

Tryna answer this one! Can’t? Okay!

The answer is: because he cannot c#.

Are you good at c#?

LOL and beyond!

HTML and CSS joke

7- “2020 is an error year!”

2020 proved to be the worst year for everyone here. So it’s not wrong to say that it was truly an error year!

2020 is an error year

Thanks for laughing while reading!

Did you enjoy the read? We hope that these rib-tickling programming jokes made your day.

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