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Hyperautomation: Is It Just a Catchword?

  • Post published:May 11, 2021

Do you want to do business differently than others? Are you here because you heard the team hyperautomation for the first time today? It is indeed a new tech strategy for everyone and it is surely going to change your business this year.

Gartner is the most famed analytics company in the world. Last year it unveiled its list of the most disruptive technology trends and hyperautomation was number one

In fact, it is again on the list in 2021. So, let’s take a deeper look at this strategic trend that is worth knowing this year too.

Hyperautomation: Is It Just a Catchword? 1

Gartner says,

“Hyperautomation is rapidly shifting from an option to a condition of survival. Robotic process automation (RPA), low-code, artificial intelligence (AI), and many other hyperautomation technologies have proved to be must-have ingredients for architecting and addressing critical business demands.”

Garner also forecasts that “more than 70-percent of large global enterprises will have over 70 concurrent hyperautomation initiatives mandating governance or facing significant instability.”

This report brings you to your question, what is it and why does your business go aboard with it?


Hyperautomation – Simply Explained

Automation is a word known to everybody, but what exactly is it?

It is a term initiated by Gartner itself. It is the application of all the automation technologies such as Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Process Mining, Machine Learning, and others to upsurge the effectiveness of automation in organizations.

Wondering how it is different from automation?

As you know, RPA is a tool that fully or partially automates human activities that are manual. RPA is at the core of hyperautomation. So, when all the above disruptive technologies are combined, it empowers RPA to be more intelligent than ever.

You can consider automation as the next big phase of digital transformation. You really need to know that hyperautomation challenges do not include replacing humans. But, the tech is automating human tasks only.

When talking about how it is different from RPA, it provides interaction collaboration between RPA and AI. For example, if RPA is a robot’s arm, then Hyperautomation is that robot’s brain.

The Positives Explained


The main reasons why vendors are choosing this technology are listed below:

  • Short
  • Something that companies aim for these days
  • Any vendor can enable it.
  • It is not one but a mixture of many automation technologies
  • It satisfies their customers
  • Agile
Hyperautomation - The Positives Explained

Primary Elements of Hyperautomation

Primary Elements of Hyperautomation

What’s Next?

Do you have an eCommerce store? You can take full advantage of automation tools and flourish. It would be a logical step to take.

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