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Machine Learning and Influencer Marketing

  • Post published:April 27, 2021

Influencer Marketing, the newest digital marketing technique in the business is quite a buzzword these days. Coming in popularity with the advent of social media, influencer marketing is predicted to hit $15 billion by 2022. Though, with challenges such as faux influencers and bots doing the trick, the question about the future of influencer marketing also stands legit.

Machine Learning is taken as a real-time solution to all the woes of brands and businesses looking out on influencer marketing for the growth. As a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) is about mimicking human behavior, and that’s what it is required to do to influencer marketing. The better part is with Machine Learning the influencer marketing turns accurate and fast like never before.

The Exponential Growth of Influencer Marketing

Social media’s popularity has climbed to another level over the years. Following the user’s interest in virtually connecting with people this way has given birth to more and more social media platforms. Consequently, all this puts more weight behind Influencer Marketing, which has all the essences now to be the mainstay form of digital marketing.

The Exponential Growth of Influencer Marketing

The infographics above highlights on influencer marketing’s year-on-year growth. From 2016 to 2020, every year IM has almost witnessed a 50% YoY growth. Now nearly standing around $10 billion valuation mark, this latest form of marketing is all set to catapult its growth in the coming 5 years.

3 Reasons Machine Learning is the Future of Influencer Marketing

3 Reasons Machine Learning is the Future of Influencer Marketing

Shortlisting Relevant Influencers

There are tons of influencers spread across different channels, and that’s when finding the right options is a real struggle. If you are new to this, you might feel like every other influencer is ideally there to depict your brand, but that’s not true. Finding the right influencer isn’t easy when they have hundreds of posts on Instagram and you don’t know what he or she was already up to.

Before you make up your mind to literally scroll down and checkout every single post in terms of engagement, comments and content quality, NLP AI does all this for you. It not only evaluates the posts but can be tasked to organize all the data in different segments.

Improving Content Quality

Even when your influencer is doing it, content quality is something that might concern you the most. The content isn’t something you do overnight when opting influencer marketing – as this is something you have to impact your audience with. In most of the cases, influencers ask you to strategize the content on your own.

So rather settling for a content that’s purely based on assumptions, you can improve content quality based on data with machine learning. This way you can get the hashtags and create in-depth content which easily gets the targeted audience in the first attempt.

Spotting Fake Engagement & Followers

The future of influencer marketing lies in combating the fake techniques often hurled using fake bots and engagements. The only way to overcome this menace, which exhausts your hard-earned money without giving you the results is adopting Machine Learning for the purpose. With ML for the purpose, you can simply analyze the influencer’s numbers beforehand, which will save you from last-minute inconvenience.

Machine learning is an effective tool to identify fake followers and engagements of the influencer. By doing this, you can save your budget running off those fake campaigns. Therefore, with eliminating all such fraudulent activities, Machine Learning secures the future of influencer marketing.

In the nutshell

The future of influencer marketing is bright once you top it with machine learning. Moreover, it also assures precise targeting and desired results and that too without making strenuous efforts over the weeks to extract data.

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