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Top Interview Questions to ask a Data Scientist

  • Post published:January 15, 2021

Are you looking for some data science interview questions? Whether you’re looking to ace an interview session or looking to hire a data scientist. Did you know that there are nearly as many pieces of digital information as there are stars in the universe? That should explain the magnitude of data science and what the field can offer to the world.

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Thanks to the advent of the internet and its normalization all over the world, our lives have become much more integrated. With this integration, heaps of data are being generated and this data is becoming more and more meaningful. Data that is being generated is quite valuable as it can predict user behavior which is then further used to implement marketing strategies. The implementation of data science currently is diverse and a wide range of sectors rely on data science.

The Top 6 Data Science Interview Questions

Top Interview Questions to ask a Data Scientist 2

Are you in a puzzle because you don’t know how to evaluate a potential new hire in data science? Well, you’re in luck as the following data science interview questions can help you make an assessment. On the other hand, if you’re an aspiring data scientist, then make sure to ace these data science interview questions as they surely will help in landing your next job:

Question 1) How much experience do you have in Coding Languages and Analytical Tools?

The use of analytical tools and proficiency in coding languages is absolutely essential in determining a candidate’s ability in data science. These two parameters can even be considered as the basis for interviewing the candidates. If the candidates don’t have much experience, then you need to judge how quickly they can learn. Typically, data visualization tools include Tableau and Qlikview, coding languages that are mostly used in data sciences are Python & R.

Question 2) Explain Linear Regression and its advantages?

These data science interview questions are relevant in the technical domain, as regression analysis lies at the core of data science. Technical questions can be used to test whether your interviewee is technically sound or not. Linear regression can be defined as a Machine Learning algorithm that focuses on the relationship between independent and dependent variables. It is generally considered as one of the bases of data science and is a vital concept of the field.

Question 3) Have you created an original algorithm? If so, what was it for?

When you ask this question, you are basically looking at the mathematical skills as well as tool-related skills. Of course, the candidate will go into the details of the algorithm, note down the tools he used and how he catered to problems in the development of the algorithm.

Data appropriation is a vital part of an algorithm, look for clues on how the candidate focuses on this aspect. You can even ask further questions based on the tools he mentions.

Question 4) Can you tell us how you countered a problem in one of your projects?

This is where you can judge the critical skills of the candidate. Critical thinking in data science is important because sooner or later the problems are going to creep up. This question will enable you to understand whether the candidate has the apt skills to deal with problems. An important aspect of this question is what approach they took in dealing with a problem.

Typically, a candidate should elaborate on an issue they dealt with in their previous algorithm. Look for the approach and whether it was an optimal one or not.

Question 5) Have you ever used the data to help a client?

This is an important question as it allows you to understand how the candidate has used data science to add value to a project. Data science is all about improved-decision making and if the candidate doesn’t know this then this fact puts a big question mark on his credentials.

Try to evaluate a candidate’s answer in terms of how he can relate his work on the basis of how it helped a client. It’s all about adding value to a client’s business and if a candidate adds value such as a business decision that turned out decisive then you need to hire him! This can be one of your crucial data science interview questions!

Question 6) Why Should we hire you?

This question is for checking the soft skills of a data science candidate. Even though the work in data science is related to technical aspects, it is still important that your candidate has a good set of soft skills. Look for a sound communication approach, teamwork, and basic ethics. An all-round data science expert will answer this question confidently. Just look for what your company needs and what connects you, these data science interview questions provide exactly this. In no time you’ll hire the perfect data scientist!

In a Nutshell:

Data science ultimately is about technical skills, efficiency in coding languages & analytical tools, and critical thinking skills. If you’re looking to hire a data science expert then you need to ask these data science interview questions as they are essential to any data science field.

If you’re looking to hire a data scientist then feel free to give us a call! We’ve got some excellent data scientists that can change the way your business operates.