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LAMP Stack with its Three Musketeers

  • Post published:November 19, 2020

You can use the top three front-end frameworks with LAMP Stack to build your apps. This stack is extremely popular and in demand, as it was invented by Michael Kunze in 1998. Since then, Linux hosted websites that made this stack “the favorite child” due to its increased demand and usage.

The reason that LAMP Stack has this unusual name originates from the fact that it has layers of tech stack. And you know what the say about layers in cakes? The more, the merrier! In this particular scenario, it really comes to light.

To begin this journey, you have to know the route that you are taking. For that, you have to know what lamp stack really stands for? What can you do with this?

So what are you waiting for? No time to lose, let’s get on it!

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What is Lamp Stack?

So what do we know about the lamp stack that has made all the fuss around? Upon searching about this interesting stack of classic and time tested technologies such as Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP to craft the name ‘LAMP.’ Isn’t this convenient to understand?

Now, you can guess the scope of this particular stack and how it has become popular among the developer’s community and those looking to build web applications with this renowned open-source software stack. It’s like a web pack that offers all these in-demand technologies.

Do you know? Content Management Systems such as WordPress and Drupal use this technology stack for its efficiency that helps the web applications to run smoothly without any glitch or delay.

LAMP Stack with its Three Musketeers 1

Uncover the difference between LAMP Stack vs. MEAN Stack

Technology keeps on updating and the in-demand stacks are usually at the top because of their efficiency and scalability. Hence, both of these stacks are popular among the developer’s community.

LAMP StackMEAN Stack
A tech stack that uses Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP as an operating system. PHP is used as the vital programming language to deploy apps while using Apache as the webserver and MySQL as the database to effectively manage code. Linux is the operating system. You can create custom web apps with this pack of tech stacks. You can hire the developer of your choice to avail all these services and get the most out of the offered stack.An open-source tech stack that includes: MongoDB, Express.js, Angular JS, and Node js. Javascript is used as the main programming language and the primary data is stored in JSON format. Moreover, MongoDB helps in order to develop, smoothly deploy, and efficiently test the data and app. It uses server-side frameworks. Due to its time saving and cost-effectiveness, you can simply, can easily hire a remote javascript developer to build your app!

Leverage Lamp Stack with Top 3 Front-End Frameworks

1- React

For the purpose to create single-page web applications and mobile apps, React is used by the developers to create an interactive and powerful user interface. It’s an open-source library that has generated a wide community as it is said to be maintained by Facebook. It is used for front-end and UI components such as:

  • Single Component
  • Stateful Component
  • Application
  • Components while Using Plugins

A simple example of a single component can be if you wish to display text as “ Hello World.” You’d be using the following code to achieve this particular result:

  <h1>Hello, world!</h1>,

If you have any questions related to it, you can drop us your query in the comment section below.

2- Angular

With angular on your side, you have the maximum control over speed and performance using incredible tools. It empowers you to build web apps, and there are different ways to use angular for mobile apps. Angular enables you to create mobile-friendly, and responsive web apps.

On that interesting note, its code is reusable.

LAMP Stack with its Three Musketeers 2

3- Vue.js

You can build user interfaces ( UIs) and one-page applications with help of this framework. It leverages you with the power and control to create scripts, APIs and even used for webhooks. If you are already familiar with Javascript, HTML, and CSS, it would be comparatively easier for you to get started while working on Vue.js.

This is a popular framework that is also a fully-featured library as well as a framework. One of the many reasons for this framework becoming widely popular among the developer’s community is because of:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Minimal Efforts Required
  • High Performance
  • Scalability
  • Lesser Runtime

You can get access to courses and learn more about vue.js through vue school. Visit and Take a look!

LAMP Stack with its Three Musketeers 3

What can you build with LAMP Stack?

You can have access to multiple options when it comes to building web applications with Lamp Stack. It is usually known for its:

  • Stability
  • Simplicity
  • Scalable
  • Faster

So what do you think?

LAMP Stack with its Three Musketeers 4

With its powerful stack, you are enabled to build custom web apps and apps of your choice as per your business needs and target market. Since you are already here, are you looking to build a web application? Do you have any personalized requirements for custom web apps? Well, then then you just have to do one little step.

That’s is to take the next step!

Even if you have any confusion about the choice of tech stack or web app needs, feel free to consult!

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