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PHP Basics – The Benefits of Swoole

  • Post published:December 10, 2020

Are you looking to build high-performance, scalable applications through asynchronous programming? Enter PHP Swoole. Swoole PHP is a PHP programming framework that uses a coroutine-based asynchronous for working on large scale applications.

PHP Basics – The Benefits of Swoole 1

There can be plenty of problems when it comes to large-scale app development and to cater to those issues asynchronous programming is used. Asynchronous programming can be defined as a programming technique that focuses on parallel programming, where a single unit runs in separation from the main application. This is potentially quite useful as it views the occurrence of events as independent from the main application workflow.

Why Use Swoole?

Swoole is predominantly used to cater working with large-scale applications. The framework allows you to gain access to coroutine support while working with multiple web workers and the separation of task workers.

PHP Basics – The Benefits of Swoole 2

Here are some of the benefits of working with swoole PHP:

1- Open Source:

PHP Swoole is open source that means you can use it freely in the development process.

PHP Basics – The Benefits of Swoole 3

2- Coroutine Support:

A coroutine can be defined as a purely user-oriented thread that normally shifts through collaboration in contrast to preemption. In coroutine support, all actions can be completed within the user mode, which also implies that the consumption of switching is lower. Swoole PHP creates a corresponding coroutine for each request and then schedules the coroutine according to the IO. Swoole’s coroutine support also implies that you can handle a significant amount of requests while doing IO actions such as making HTTP requests.

3- Achieving Asynchronous IO:

This benefit is connected with coroutine supports. As developers are able to achieve asynchronous IO effects and sublime performance. This also allows developers to steer clear of discrete code logic and traditional asynchronous callbacks.

4- Multiple Web Workers:

Code deferment is the keyword you’re looking for. This is exactly what you can gain with Swoole PHP as it allows multiple web workers. When developing a large scale application, multiple web workers allow swift transformation of threads. Multiple web workers in simple terms can be described as a way to run PHP code in background threads on a browser.

5- R&D Teams:

Swoole enables a fast workflow for R&D teams enabling them to be innovative in terms of development. The primary reason is that PHP Swoole framework allows an event-driven approach coupled with asynchronous programming for PHP. This allows management of large scale applications with plenty of room for innovation.

Are there any drawbacks for PHP Swoole framework?

It goes without saying that like all frameworks there are certain things Swoole also lacks. The most common disadvantages of Swoole are the following:

1- Code Reloading:

One of the major drawbacks of Swoole concerns code reloading. You as a PHP developer might have the habit of changing your code and reloading your browser to see the after-effects. This feature isn’t exactly available on Swoole PHP as Swoole’s run is a long-running process and changes don’t appear when the browser is reloaded.

PHP Basics – The Benefits of Swoole 4

2- Listener per Event:

There can only be one request and task listener on a web server with Swoole PHP. You will have to write over the previous listener when registering for a new one.

PHP Basics – The Benefits of Swoole 5

In a Nutshell:

Swoole PHP is an asynchronous coroutine based PHP development framework. Its primary purpose is to assist in developing large scale applications where multiple threads can be effectively run.

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