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5 Hacks for Remote Web Developers

  • Post published:November 11, 2020

Remote web development is in high demand for a reason. It’s because of the fact that remote web development has completely changed the dynamics for hiring a remote team for your website.

Remote web developers are changing the game at a fast pace! Getting your website developed by a remote team isn’t exactly something new. It has been in circles for a decade and is seemingly dominating the market conditions by a mile. It’s effective, costs less than hiring a physical team, and provides a mix of experience and expertise.

Are you working as a remote web developer and enjoying the fat cheques? Of course, you do enjoy the money but one thing that halts your work is that you somehow end up going around in circles. Remote web development is a tough work as remote web developers are constantly working with clients around the clock.

The good news is that there are plenty of hacks for remote web developers and you can capitalize quite easily!

1- Website Discipline:

Website discipline is something that’s essential to remain on track. Remote web development requires a lot of cognitive load and your brain might get overwhelmed soon. Overwhelmed in the sense that when you’re working on a project, make sure that the cognitive load is only towards your project.

5 Hacks for Remote Web Developers 1

Don’t open up unnecessary web pages on your browser. For example, if you have a news blog open in your browser, the ads alone can get you cognitive overload sky high. Hence, website discipline is something that is of quite the essence and you as a remote web developer must contain your professionalism through web discipline.

2- Your Equipment is your Weapon:

You can’t expect to win a battle if you go in without a proper weapon suitable for the battle. The same can be said regarding your remote web development needs. Modern development languages require a machine that’s potent and your life will become much easier if you actually have a machine that’s dependable.

5 Hacks for Remote Web Developers 2

Whether you use a mac or a windows system, the main point is that its efficiency and speed should be suitable for programming. For example, a 16 GB RAM machine won’t suffice for backend development with heavy PHP coding. You must have at least 32 GB RAM for a smooth run.

3- Use Task Management Tools:

Task management tools can make your life easier as a remote web developer. Remote web development is all about effective communication and response towards the client’s modification. For these emails or even WhatsApp won’t work. You can use Slack for communication and JIRA for project management when you’re working within the team. These tools can make the entire process of remote web development as smooth as a whistle.

5 Hacks for Remote Web Developers 3

A Real Workspace:

Productivity is synchronous with your surroundings and how they affect you. It’s essential that the place where you work must be effective in helping you work and maximize your productivity. It might sound cool sitting on a sofa, sipping on coffee and working but that only happens on TV.

5 Hacks for Remote Web Developers 4

The truth is that you need to create a formal place where you can find a combination of work conduciveness and relaxation as well. We suggest putting a simple table with a comfortable chair near a window. Remember, sometimes simple things work the best!

Polyphasic Sleep Routine:

Forget about whether to sleep 7 or 8 hours in a day. You should try the Polyphasic Sleep Routine. It’s a routine that’s categorized as a sleep pattern that can help you boost productivity in countless ways. A polyphasic sleep routine involves naps within and during the night.

5 Hacks for Remote Web Developers 5

This essentially means that you can sleep twice in 24 hours and in turn, you’ll get a boost of productivity. Of course, getting adjusted to a polyphasic sleep routine isn’t an easy thing and doesn’t work out for everyone. Go ahead and give it a try, this might just be the very thing you’re looking for!

In a Nutshell:

Remote web development from the perspective of a remote web developer can be a hard nut to crack. There’s a lot of uncertainty that revolves around different clients and their behavior. However, the secret lies in believing in your routine and minimizing distractions to get the work done. After all, it will only help you to take your career to the next level. By the way, if you’re looking to hire a remote web development team then don’t hesitate to hit us up! We will love to have a friendly chat!