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4 Most Popular DevOps Trends in 2021

  • Post published:April 7, 2021

The portmanteau of Development and Operations, DevOps takes the pie with its cross-departmental approach to ensure fast software delivery and fixation. Unlike the traditional software development practices, DevOps carries on the non-siloed approach with different teams working as a single unit to and fro as needed.

DevOps Trends 2021 are well aligned to meet the latest remote work challenges where security and management are real-time challenges. The established software development strategy with new and improved tools looks all set to meet the true essence of this methodology – continuous communication, quick fixation, and matchless transparency.


The Fortune Business Insight Report predicts DevOps value to reach nearly $15 billion by 2026. Meanwhile, the DevOps Tools as the key player seems to have more responsibility and reason for this exponential growth.

So among all the DevOps trends 2021 making waves in 2021, the following tools are absolute gainers.

Technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence ensure the Future of DevOps as they simply automate tedious development tasks in a bit. This not only allows your resources to work on other priority tasks but also ensures maximum productivity every time.

With all this and much more, below are some insights on DevOps trends 2021.

Top DevOps Trends 2021

1- DevSecOps for Cloud-Native Security

The pandemic has made Work from Home (WFH) the new normal. Bigwig companies like Amazon and Facebook switching to long-time remote work options. Meaning, many more IT and development companies do so even when the pandemic is over. All this increases their reliability on cloud computing both for SMBs and large enterprises.

At the same time, when cloud technologies are on the roll, this asks for DevSecOps to step in to ensure cloud-native security throughout the entire development lifecycle. Needless to say, the remote-work option is more prone to security vulnerabilities, which asserts on staying vigilant than ever before. The DevSecOps meets all the cloud-native security standards with mitigating the vulnerabilities following early detection.

DevOps Trends 2021

2- ARO Tools for Enhanced Productivity & Speed

The software industry is on the boom, which is keeping all the stakeholders on the toes. Meeting deadlines, increasing productivity, and especially prompt releases via multi-channel are what Application Release Orchestration (ARO) is all about. While keeping all this in view, ARO is all set to become one of the best DevOps tools in 2021.

ARO Tools will be the ultimate answer to the upheaval caused by bugs as this minimizes the manual tasks and prioritizes the high-value duties. Not only this, but this set of tools also make wait-states and bottlenecks visible for quick bug-fixation.

3- APM Software for Quick-Feedback

DevOps is famous for quick actions such as MTTR and for this purpose feedback is the key. To cut short the manual feedback process, which is a time-taking process, Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tools are deployed.

What makes these APM Tools crucial for this year and onward? DevOps is sharing quick valuable performance insights, including front-end monitoring and AI-backed Analytics. The new and improved APMs will keep a hawk-eye on all sorts of anomalies with setting up ADTD analysis (Application, Discovery, Tracing, and Diagnostics).

APM Software DevOps Trends 2021

4- DevOps hands-in-hands with Kubernetes

The deploying and shifting of the successful Apps on the cloud is a cumbersome task at times, especially when there is a deadline to cater. Kubernetes with its compatibility with multiple technologies, including DevOps manages the containerized Apps in a hassle-free manner.

So, rather than increasing the Ops team while working remotely, Kubernetes is your ultimate partner to contain and scale software. With Kubernetes, you can automate the deployment process with ease. Moreover, with the self-healing containers check, it replaces and reschedules containers on its own.


DevOps trends 2021 sheds light on how this methodology is all set to take you places. The Stackoverflow 2020 developer survey astonishingly highlights 80% of respondents somewhat believed in the importance of DevOps.

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