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AI and Big Data – Endless Possibilities

  • Post published:October 29, 2020

AI and Big Data are two areas that have been making constant noise across multiple fields. This noise speaks volumes of the endless possibilities these two can have in our daily lives.

AI and Big Data aren’t related to each other but it’s a duo that seems to have an effect that can take us beyond our defined boundaries. Here’s a hypothetical scenario for you so that you have a better understanding of what we’re talking about:

Imagine you own a parking lot spread over half an acre perhaps? That’s a lot of space and a lot of cars. Where there are cars, robberies or petty theft can be a common thing. However, you want that your parking lot must be a secured place for all the cars parked. For this, you’ll install security cameras probably in double digits so that most areas in your parking lot are covered and crime can be traced. But here’s the problem, you don’t have the capital to monitor everything that’s going on in a lot. You’ll have to hire so many security experts to even monitor 24 hours of data every day. This is where AI and Big Data comes into play.

Big data is unstructured data which is literally so big that it’s very hard to draw out conclusions. On the other hand, if Big Data joins hands with Artificial Intelligence then AI can help to figure out patterns within Big Data that might be worth our time and investment. Here are some of the benefits of AI and Big Data:

Multi-Dimensional Data Management:

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Data management is one area where traditional computing isn’t exactly efficient. Data management includes processes such as data storage, validation, protection, and making sure that various user’s data isn’t compromised. Data management through traditional means also gets complicated when it comes to working with sounds, text, sticky content, and images.

AI when combined with Big Data offers several ways to negate these problems. AI uses machine learning to provide assistance with hyper-personalization. This offers a way for data to be managed while the entire process has the ability to manage and adjust mechanisms accordingly. Document categorization is one of the ways through which assigning a document can be done in various classes through an algorithm. The basis of this algorithm also lies in artificial intelligence.

In simple words, AI and Big Data help in data management through making systems adapt according to change.

AI and Big Data – Pattern Recognition:

Pattern recognition is one area where Big Data & AI can contribute much more. Most businesses stay up-to-date with patterns or trends so that they can get maximum out of a situation. Also, occurrences of events that might have a negative impact should be approached in an effective way as well. For pattern recognition, Big Data collects enormous amounts of data from consumer markets, different areas & industries, markets & individual customers. As you can imagine, all this data can be a daunting process if we are to analyze, hence AI and Big Data can identify patterns in an instant.

Goal Management:

Goal management is a process that all businesses need, even individuals have goals on a daily basis and for this, they use mobile apps. AI can devise better ways to reach goals if you are using a certain app. Through data, it can study trends and what it means to reach a goal. This guidance mechanism can help applications better understand goal management can be approached for a specific user base. Big Data offers a way to look at things with the perspective of a user. In order to better understand dynamics, artificial intelligence must be implemented to uncover goal management strategies.

AI and Big Data are two fields that have a vast amount of coherence with each other. It’s not about using one or another, it’s about joining those hands and making a difference that can help in a better understanding of traditional computing practices. If you’re looking to hire an AI Engineer, then don’t forget to contact us! We can change the way you did your business and take it one step higher!