There Is No One-Size-Fits-All App – When Customization Is Key

  • Post published:February 5, 2015

What happens when your company outgrows its software?

Outgrowth (n):

1. a natural development, product, or result:
to consider truancy an outgrowth of parental neglect.
2. an additional, supplementary result.

In theory, it’s a good thing; it means your business is in a thriving state, requiring more space, functionality and resources to continue. That’s the goal, right?

In our line of work, it’s a common occurrence. We’ve had to come up with solutions that often aren’t immediately obvious, developing assets that aren’t readily available.

Pushing your software to its maximum potential.

Recently, a client came to us with no small challenge: to produce a custom application with the ability to configure multiple custom combinations of their product, a fiber cable. They had an existing quote system, but it had reached the limits of its capabilities, relegated to default stock items, thereby hindering sales.

When searching for a competent developing firm, you do a lot of research. It’s only fair that we’re careful to do our own research on your industry. In this case, we came up with a custom interface that would optimize the user experience and aesthetic appearance of the system.

Imagine the client’s surprise when he discovered we’d enabled his shiny new CRM to come up with over 155 million custom fiber cable combinations.

Fiber cables may not be the most accessible products to the average person; this app illustrated each customization, allowing our client’s demographic complete freedom to manipulate the product to their optimum form. Follow this link to learn more about maxing out your software’s potential.