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The One Thing You MUST Do Before Developing An App

  • Post published:February 27, 2015

Research, research, research.

Can you tell how passionately we feel about this?

We’re not going to beat around the bush because we respect anyone looking to start a new project and we can relate; a shiny new initiative, brimming with promise, is one of life’s greatest treasures. It’s like seeing a brand new car in a sales lot and just knowing that you must have it; signing all the papers (AKA your life away completely) and committing to a years-long venture without doing the research that would have informed you the car had poorly made parts and was going to die about a year later, leaving you with a very hefty bill and the remnants of dreams past.

The One Thing You MUST Do Before Developing An App 1

It’s not all that dramatic, but research is very important. Countless times we’ve seen clients go all-in to a project without taking the time to gauge its viability.

Is this app going to provide a valuable contribution to the market?

How is it differentiated from the myriad others on the market?

Are there enough people who will use it, or want to buy it, to make its development worth your while?

Does it provide a service no other app can?

Statistics on app usage are clear and simple. Does your app reside in a genre that’s heavily used?

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Plainly put, research is king; even twenty minutes could save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours.

Our in-house experts are happy to provide insight on your project idea. Contact us for more valuable information.

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