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Ruby on Rails 7.0 Alpha Release

  • Post published:September 30, 2021

Ruby on Rails 7 is sending shock waves to other languages.

Rails has always been the best for designing full-stack websites since the beginning. You may have your opinion on this, but we believe that it’s a language and framework that makes the development faster. While many talk about its demise, we say it’s sought-after and looks to be making its way in the future too.

We are not the only ones who like ruby on rails much. We have some more people on board with us. Here is what they have to say about RoR:

“Rails is the most well-thought-out web development framework I’ve ever used. And that’s in a decade of doing web applications for a living. I’ve built my own frameworks, helped develop the Servlet API, and have created more than a few web servers from scratch. Nobody has done it like this before.”

James Duncan Davidson, Creator of Tomcat and Ant

“Ruby on Rails is a breakthrough in lowering the barriers of entry to programming. Powerful web applications that formerly might have taken weeks or months to develop can be produced in a matter of days.”

Tim O’Reilly, Founder of O’Reilly Media
Ruby on Rails 7

Did you ever get a chance to work with Ruby or Ruby on Rails? Did you or did you not like it all?

To tell you, we are trained in developing custom RoR applications. We have launched top-notch applications for our clients and all of them were a BLAST!

Do you know RoR is 40% faster than other development frameworks? This is why we use it most of the time. You can use RoR to build a custom web project within a shorter time.

In case you want any help from us, know that we have always Got your Back(end)!

benefits of vteams over freelancing

Ruby on Rails is routinely revised and its new releases always bring much to us! Do you know that the Ruby on Rails 7 alpha release lets you write JavaScript in Rails? Nice, right?

Rails 7 Alpha release works on a no-Node approach; you don’t have to cope with Node dependencies in node_modules with bundler configurations or with other common JavaScript development challenges. Says not us but the RoR team itself!

So, how do you put JavaScript in Ruby on Rails 7?

Keep Calm and Code In Ruby

Let’s talk about adding JavaScript assets to a Rails application.

Ruby on Rails 7 has spectacularly advanced the integration between Rails and JavaScript+CSS bundlers. You can now simply access a new application or modify that starts with import maps to use esbuild, rollup.js, Webpack, Tailwind CSS, PostCSS, Dart Sass, and Bootstrap.

changes in Ruby on Rails 7

Changes in Ruby on Rails 7

Added changes in Rails 7 Alpha release are listed as follows:

  • Railties
  • ActionMailbox
  • ActionText
  • ActiveJob
  • ActiveSupport
  • ActiveRecord
  • ActionPack
  • ActionMailer
  • ActiveStorage
  • ActionView
  • ActionCable
  • ActiveModel

Hotwire for rails is one much-liked feature of Ruby on Rails 7. It helps in building modern web applications without using JavaScript because it sends HTML rather than JSON that makes site pages load quicker. It’s without a doubt getting much attention from the community.

Now that you have learned all the changes in Ruby on Rails 7, ensure you’re upgraded. If you’re not looking to break your back, consult us today!

“Rails is the Killer App for Ruby.”

Yukihiro Matsumoto, Creator of Ruby says:

“I believe that the purpose of life is, at least in part, to be happy. Based on this belief, Ruby is designed to make programming not only easy but also fun. It allows you to concentrate on the creative side of programming, with less stress.”

Ruby on Rails is one framework that permits you to instantly build superior web applications. Since Ruby is a general-purpose programming language; it is fitting for diverse projects.

Talk to us if you have a project in mind!