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Reverse Engineering Inline Document Annotator to Handle Multiple Clients

  • Post published:April 29, 2016

A Learning Management System (LMS) engages it’s learners with a comprehensive suite of online learning and professional development tools. This LMS emphasizes a personal learning approach based on collaborative and interactive technology to develop life-long learners.

The client wanted a better more optimized and centralized solution to configure their inline document annotator for different clients. Previously they had to separately configure the inline document annotator for every new customer, so the process was cumbersome.

The challenge faced was that the third party toolInline Document Annotator” was not build to handle multiple clients at the same time. vteam#367 had to reverse engineer the functionality of the document annotator and provide a centralized solution for handling multiple clients from a single document annotator installation.

However, reverse engineering the document annotator was not going to be easy. There is plenty of complex logic involved for document annotation and vteams would have to figure out all the configuration settings used by document annotator to customize it according to the client’s requirements.

The only way out was to review the process for inline document annotator and come up with a solution that would allow a single installation of annotator to work for all clients. We analyzed the functionality of inline document annotator and, after persistent efforts, were able to implement a solution accordingly.

It was a success and all the clients were handled by a single installation of document annotator.