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Rescue and Refactor: Corporate Social Media Application

  • Post published:January 7, 2014

vteams #360 inherited a partially developed software from India. The system –a social media / communications tool for corporations– had many bugs and issues. The end user customers were having a problem signing up to use the system. The development team took up the challenge to fix all problems on this system and make it usable. They went about the task in the following order.

  • Restructured the code with Zend Framework.
  • Optimized certain areas of the database (for performance)
  • Added Group Video Conferencing
  • Added Group Messaging
  • Added Online Workshops module
  • Improved the UI and made it more dynamic

These changes improved the performance and handling of the system to a new level. Our client experienced new signups and new customers almost immediately. The vteams engineers on the team were awarded a nice bonus from the client. Another rescue, turned out successful.