Project Management Is The Key To Successful Project Deliverables

  • Post published:July 6, 2015

“Timely And Informed Communication, Across All Disciplines And Involving Key Stakeholders Is The Key To Successful Project Delivery”

A development project team cannot be successful till everything is streamlined. For smooth development result and timely project deliverables, your team should be focused. You need to build a highly performing team because your team is vital for the success of your project deliverable.

vteam #492’s was assigned a project whose Client was a registered agent proprietary software for automation of legal process system related to business formation and compliance services. During this project, our team encountered the following issues:

1. Requirement Engineering:

There were no concrete requirements. Developers were working on minimal requirements and were having issues to finalize modules.

2. No Decision Making Authority:

Due to no clear requirements, team  had less authorization to deal with project tasks and was not able to make a decision to move to next modules of the project.

3. Wrong Technology:

Developers worked on a framework for 8-10 weeks span. After this time period, the technology framework was changed by Client.


To overcome these issues, a Project Manager was inducted in vteam #492 on Client’s request. Project Manager started working with both Client and developers, and streamlined the development process as:

  • Studied and understood project thoroughly
  • Made initial analysis by doing project tracking
  • Prepared a comprehensive project plan
  • In coordination with Client, finalized project deliverables planning and their deadlines
  • Utilized project management tools like Asana, Jira and MS Project
  • Tasks management
  • Decision making to keep the tasks active
  • Better quality/quantity of work
  • Scheduled daily meetings with developers
  • Daily demonstration of completed and in progress tasks to Client


As everything now got streamlined in vteam #492, this resulted smooth development and timely execution of project deliverables. The action items were kept active by effective communication. Code re-factoring into an appropriate technology was done in a short span by the extra efforts of our developers. Deliverables of marketing website, code re-factoring and web application were executed successfully on time.